How to Use Case Studies for Your Ecommerce Brand



Case studies are one of the best forms of content marketing since they prove that what you’re selling actually delivers real results.

A case study is a detailed story about something your customer did or was able to achieve while using your product.

On a basic level, case studies provide social proof that your product does what it’s supposed to. However, overall, case studies empower potential customers to focus on the “why”, instead of the “what” or “how”.

It’s composed of three parts:

  • the challenge or conflict
  • how it was approached and resolved
  • the positive outcome

Keep in mind case studies are more effective when they are filled with research, data points, or photo evidence.


Where to Use Case Studies on Your Website


Your website’s homepage is often the first thing your visitors see if they are interested in your ecomerce product. Not only is it prime real estate for offering social proof, but it also entices visitors to stay on your site longer and make the purchase.

Landing Page

It’s likely your brand will gather enough customer success stories to have a whole library. Create a separate landing page for them on your website so they are all presented in an organized way. It’s also a good idea to link case study-related advertising to these specific landing pages.


Repurpose your customer stories as part of your ecommerce brand’s blog. Here you can focus less on the numbers and more on the transformation your customer experienced. Turn this into a lead generation opportunity by including a call-to-action to download the full customer story if they enter their email address.


Other Ways to Use Your Case Studies


Video is king these days since it’s the fastest and most engaging way to consume content. That’s because your audience will be more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy webpage. If it’s in your budget, create videos to incorporate on your website and other marketing channels.

Social Media

Case studies are perfect for sharing on social media. Make sure your copy briefly describes the challenge that was overcome or the goal that was achieved. It’s also wise to include the main stats associated with the case study.


Email marketing continues to have the best return on investment compared to other marketing channels. Case studies are particularly effective at guiding subscribers down the sales funnel, especially with audiences that have gone cold. Re-engage these leads with the case studies they can relate to.


Study the Art of the Case Study with Enventys Partners

If you want to leverage your brand’s case studies in the best ways possible, reach out to Enventys Partners. Also, check out how we utilize our own case studies!