In This With You | Our Response to COVID-19



Dear creators,

It’s a strange and scary time right now. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone in one way or another. We’re especially aware of how badly artists and creators are hurting. Live events of all kinds have been cancelled. This is having significant impact on your income, and is also affecting your teammates and communities. And yet art and creativity matter, now more than ever.

Patreon is here for you as your reliable foundation. Our entire team has set up shop in our home workspaces to ensure we continue to deliver a stable service and provide you with the support, community and freedom you need.

We’re incredibly inspired to see how supportive our community is. Not only are patrons not leaving the platform, we’ve even seen many of them upgrade their tiers to support their favorite creators during this challenging time.

We’re deeply grateful to the creators and patrons who make all of this possible, and proud to be of support in any way we can. The whole team at Patreon is with you, thinking about how you might be affected and how we can help.

We’ve pulled together some resources for you and for any creator you know:

A letter from Patreon’s Head of Music

  • Our head of music shares tips on how musicians and creators of all kinds are adapting to event cancelations, and how you can too.

Creator Workshops

  • A series of live streamed workshops where you can ask questions and brainstorm with our Creator Success experts and fellow creators, to help you navigate the current creative climate.

Community for Creators

  • You’re not alone in this. Creators around the world are facing the same challenges as you, and finding new ways to stay connected with online games and movie nights. Join our forum or our Discord server to connect with other Patreon creators.

Patreon U

  • An encyclopedia of creator resources right at your fingertips to help you build your membership, promote it, connect with patrons, and keep the wheels turning.

Tips for Local Businesses

  • If you know a local business owner looking to set up a Patreon in response to cancellations and closures, we’ve compiled some tips.

Here’s How to Quickly Launch a No-Frills Membership on Patreon

  • If you need to get your Patreon up and running right away, read this article.

Tips for Running Your Membership During an Economic Downturn

  • How does the economic downturn affect you as a creator? Do you need to do something different? CEO Jack Conte shares his answers.

Tips on Live-streaming From Singer-songwriter, Megan Slankard

  • Looking for advice on how to set up and monetize your live-stream? San Francisco based musician, Megan Slankard, has got you covered.

We know things are uncertain, so remember to take care of yourselves, be kind to one another and your community, create and connect from afar. We’ll get through this together.


The Patreon Team