Introducing Education Center Plus: A Premium Content Site for Campaigners



Here at Indiegogo, we believe every crowdfunding campaigner should be equipped with the tools they need to reach their funding goals. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Education Center Plus, a new premium content site that offers entrepreneurs proven strategies for expanding their audience, hitting their goals, and raising more funds.

Education Center Plus, where successful crowdfunding begins

Education Center Plus, available starting today, is a premium content site designed specifically for crowdfunding campaigners. It features a full library of premium content, as well as an interactive forum, to empower campaigners during every segment of the crowdfunding journey.

You may already be familiar with Indiegogo’s existing Education Center, which offers tips and tricks for getting crowdfunding campaigns off the ground. Education Center Plus takes this a step further by providing in-depth guides, instructive videos, and an interactive community for every step of the crowdfunding process:

In-Depth Guides

Education Center Plus guides are the result of years of data collection, hundreds of conversations with campaigners, and decades of combined experience from our team. You’ll find checklists, calendars, and templates in simple-to-digest formats to handle the most common crowdfunding issues before they come up.

Instructive videos

Education Center Plus videos demystify the most effective strategies for running a successful campaign. Hosted by our crowdfunding veterans, our videos offer best practices for expanding your audience, marketing your product, and delivering value to backers.

Interactive community forum

The Education Center Plus community forum is a place to share experiences with your peers and ask our experts your toughest questions. Having trouble with your campaign? Start a new thread in our Q&A forum, join an ongoing conversation, or read past discussions to see how others have tackled similar issues. Our experts regularly provide personalized guidance on tactics, strategy, and campaign logistics.

Knowledge is power

All successful crowdfunding campaigns have something in common: entrepreneurs who have deep knowledge of crowdfunding best practices. Education Center Plus assembles these best practices in one place so you can double down on time-tested strategies and avoid the most common crowdfunding mistakes.

Whether you’re a first-time crowdfunder or a crowdfunding veteran, Education Center Plus gives you the knowledge to up your game and successfully raise more funds.

Ready to take your campaign to the next level? Check out Education Center Plus now!