Is Buying Home Appliances on EMI A Smart Choice?



Most of us cannot picture our lives without home appliances. These appliances help us complete most of our everyday tasks. We can’t store food or do laundry efficiently without a refrigerator or a washing machine. We are more comfortable when we have more useful appliances. 

Often, outdated appliances may begin to malfunction, causing you to spend considerable amount of money on routine repairs alone. A better solution to this problem is to replace old appliances with newer models, allowing you to bring home the latest appliances on EMI and take advantage of innovative, cutting-edge technology.  

And now, with the help of Ujjwal EMI Card, you don’t have to put off the idea of buying a new appliance anymore. 

Benefits Of Ujjwal EMI Card 

  1. 100% digital process 
  1. Instant Credit Limit Up to ₹75000 
  1. ZERO Foreclosure Charges 
  1. Easy Repayment Options 
  1. 0% Interest*, 0 Joining* & Processing Fees* 

Why Should You Buy Home Appliances on EMI? 

Have you ever eyed the latest smart refrigerator only to discover that it’s out of your budget? 

With a wide range of home appliances available on EMI, you won’t have to settle for less than your heart’s desire. You can now buy home appliances on EMI without any hassles with the Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card, even if you don’t have a credit card. Whether it’s a fridge, a washing machine, or a TV, there’s a lot to choose from!  

EMI Shopping Gives Freedom to Purchase – Shopping on EMI allows you to buy expensive products right away. Buying their dream appliances is difficult for salaried individuals, but with the EMI option on a loan, they can break down their costs. 

It Makes Expensive Things Affordable – Whether it’s a high-priced television, smartphone, home appliance, or anything else, EMI makes it affordable. When you don’t have to pay in a big sum, things seem to be less expensive. The total payable amount gets divided into smaller chunks making it easier to repay. 

Makes Financial Planning Easy – Because you know how much you have to pay each month, EMI does not put a strain on your finances, making budgeting a breeze.  

How To Buy Home Appliances on EMI With Ujjwal EMI Card? 

1. Download the SuperCupo App  

Download the Home Credit SuperCupo app from the Google Play Store.  

2. Apply For Ujjwal EMI Card  

Register on the app with your mobile number & go ahead with your Ujjwal EMI Card application.  

3. Activate Your Credit Limit  

Submit the required KYC documents & choose your credit limit.  

4. Select Your Favorite Product  

Choose your favorite product from the SuperCupo app and select Ujjwal EMI Card as your payment method.  

5. Choose Your EMI Plan  

Select your preferred EMI plan as per your convenience & you’re done! 

With Ujjwal EMI card, you can upgrade your home with the latest appliances without any worries about your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for an Ujjwal EMI card and get your dream appliances on EMI today!