Join Musk on his Twitter Adventure for Profits and Glory



Elon Musk is taking Twitter (TWTR) off the stock market.

After he buys it for about $44 billion, Twitter will be a private company.

It won’t be a “startup” in the usual sense of the word. But it will be a private company nonetheless — a company in search of a business model that brings in profits.

Then, after he fixes it up and invites Trump to start tweeting there again, he’ll likely take it public again. And he and all his investors will probably make a fortune.

Want the chance to invest in Twitter alongside Elon Musk?

Today I’ll show you how. And then I’ll show you something even better.

Other People’s Money

Elon’s putting up billions of his own money to buy Twitter.

But he’s also bringing in other people’s money.

In particular, he’s bringing in a bunch of Private Equity firms — firms that invest in private companies, fix them up, and then aim to sell them or take them public.

If you’d like to join Musk on his Twitter adventure, you could try to invest in some of these Private Equity firms. But unless you can write a check for several million dollars, it’s unlikely you’ll have the chance.

But there’s also a different way you could get in…

Private Equity Investment Trusts

Private Equity Investment Trusts are publicly-traded companies that invest in private equity firms — including the firms that might join Elon Musk in Twitter.

You can buy shares of these Trusts on the stock market, just like you’d like buy shares of Ford or Tesla or Netflix.

One such Trust is called Harbourvest.

Harbourvest knows how to profit from private equity. For example, it earned big profits by investing in such success stories as Facebook, Uber, and Coinbase before their IPOs.

Over the last ten years, the company has beaten the stock market by five percentage points a year. That’s huge. And as Harbourvest’s Managing Director Richard Hickman has noted, the reason for those market-beating returns is simple: getting in early.

What’s the downside?

The Downside of Investing in Harbourvest

Harbourvest is a compelling investment option. But there are significant “cons” to it.

For starters, since it trades on the London Stock Exchange, investing in it is complicated. You can’t just buy its shares in your ordinary U.S. brokerage account.

Secondly, there are no assurances that an investment in Harbourvest will get you in on Musk’s Twitter acquisition. It’s possible, but it’s not guaranteed.

And thirdly, since it trades like a stock, if the stock market crashes — like it’s been doing non-stop recently — your investment will likely crash, too.

So if you want to “get in early” on big, high-potential investments, what else can you do?

Two Easy Ways to Get Started

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Happy Investing!

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