Lendahand joins Netherlands-African Business Council



Dutch crowdfunding platform Lendahand has joined the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC), as part of its efforts to close the funding gap for businesses in emerging markets.

NABC aims to connect Dutch businesses with opportunities in Africa and has a network of nearly 250 members. The group supports the implementation of four UN Sustainable Development Goals, including zero hunger and gender equality. NABC also organises trade missions and events. So far, it has organised 70 missions to Africa and 60 to the Netherlands, according to its website.

Other NABC partners include Heineken and Invest International.

Lendahand has facilitated more than €130m (£111m) in impact investments from investors in Europe into over 30 emerging markets, including Uganda and Kenya. It has funded 2,946 projects and 35 per cent of its investments have gone to women owned-businesses.

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In a LinkedIn post, the group said it is excited to be a part of the NABC “to enable sustainable and inclusive growth for more business in Africa”.

In 2017, Lendahand partnered with Ethex to launched an African initiative called Energise Africa, for UK investors to invest in solar businesses on the continent from £50. The investments through Energise Africa can be held through Innovative Finance ISAs. So far Energise Africa has facilitated more than £28m in investments.

Lendahand and Energise Africa have also previously partnered with solar company upOwa to deliver clean energy to sub-Saharan Africa.

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