Loan portfolio overview (April of 2022)



Loan portfolio April

€14,7M worth of loans were financed during April of 2022. New loans in Estonia contributed nearly 50% of the volume, followed by Germany and Latvia. During the past month we have seen a rise in investor activity and investments on our platform.

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Loan Amount Funded

In regards to repayments, we have seen increased volatility in 2022. However, in April our borrowers paid back 1,5 times more loans than in March. We haven’t changed our forecast and expect further improvement in repayments during the second quarter.

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Loan Repayments Amount
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Number of Repaid Loans and the Average Return

The default rate increased to 5,9%, due to new default projects in Lithuania and Estonia. We expect that the collateral from two large Finnish loan projects’ (total of €3,5M) will be sold through auctions within a month, with repayment to follow during June-July.

We finally closed our Swedish default project to our investors, reaching a settlement agreement with the borrower. During the past month we have focused on our late loan management, and hence we expect the late loan amount to decrease during the second quarter.

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Outstanding Portfolio
As of 22.05.2022   
Total financed loans since 2014 €571,0M
Total repaid loans since 2014 €320,5M
Total outstanding portfolio €250,5M
Total outstanding defaulted loans €14,0M 
Total number of outstanding defaulted loans 50
Default rate (outstanding loans) 5,6%
Partially recovered loans rate (outstanding loans) 0,8%
Default rate (total financed loans) 2,5%
Total amount of recovered loans (including partially) €19,0M
Total number of fully recovered loans 104
Average return rate of fully recovered loans 9,2%
Average time from default to recovery 10,3 months
Write-off rate (total financed loans) 0,007%

We will keep you informed about the credit portfolio quality monthly.