Loan portfolio overview (March of 2022)




As we predicted, the total funded amount in March was similar to February. Our investors financed €16,7M worth of loans and, despite macroeconomic changes, investor and borrower behavior remains stable. During March, Estonia and Germany again performed well, each contributing 30% of the total loan volume. 

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Loan repayments amounted to half of those in February (€5,4M, 19 loans). The degree of volatility is reflective of seasonality and not payment problems, and we expect repayments to improve in the second quarter.

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The default rate decreased to 5,0% and is now in line with the long-term target rate we set internally. This was primarily due to strong debt management in Estonia, where one project’s full principal amount was recovered (€0,9M). The rest (interest, penalties etc) will be received by our investors following the successful conclusion of ongoing legal disputes.

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As of 12.04.2022   
Total financed loans since 2014 €550,8M
Total repaid loans since 2014 €304,9M
Total outstanding portfolio €245,8M
Total outstanding defaulted loans €12,4M 
Total number of outstanding defaulted loans 48
Default rate (outstanding loans) 5,0%
Partially recovered loans rate (outstanding loans) 1,6%
Default rate (total financed loans) 2,3%
Total amount of recovered loans (including partially) €17,0M
Total number of fully recovered loans 98
Average return rate of fully recovered loans 9,5%
Average time from default to recovery 8,9 months
Write-off rate (total financed loans) 0,007%

We will keep you informed about the credit portfolio quality monthly.