Luxury Bags 101: Hermès Kelly Sizes



Hermès kelly bag sizes
Image source: agcreativelab

The Hermès Kelly bag is iconic and something that many long to use as their go-to accessory. Its simple and sleek design comes in many colors, and it’s one of those perfect purses that you can easily wear with multiple styles. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a cocktail dress, the luxury Hermès Kelly bag is a style you can wear repeatedly.

But why is it called the Kelly bag? Where can you find one, and how can you save up the money? Find the answers to your money questions and the Hermès Kelly bag sizes here.

Hermès Kelly bag history

Starting from the beginning, the Hermès Kelly bag was first created in 1892 and was redesigned a couple of times in later years. In the ’50s, it was used by Grace Kelly in the movie, To Catch a Thief.

Grace Kelly also carried the bag to hide her pregnancy from the press and was photographed using it in 1956. She may have been trying not to attract attention, but it had the opposite effect, with women everywhere wanting to buy the “Kelly” bag.

Even though it wasn’t initially designed for her, the bag became synonymous with the Kelly name. It was renamed the Hermès Kelly bag in 1977.


Every Hermes Kelly bag features a signature lock that comes with a padlock, keys, and clochette (a bell-shaped leather comparment for the keys).

There are two beautiful designs for the Kelly bag. The Retourne and the Sellier. Both are thoughtfully made and have their own unique details.


The Retourne style is a bit more relaxed. It has a slightly more slouchy look, which you’ll notice on the corners and sides of the bag.

The bag is stitched inside out for this style. When standing upright, the bag collapses very slightly, making the entire design a bit less structured.


The Sellier style stitching is the opposite way from the Retourne and has a very boxy appearance. It has crisp, clean lines, and you can see the stitches. It looks great, but some may find it less functional.

Hermès Kelly bag sizes

There are several Hermès Kelly sizes that you’ll find if you decide to purchase this bag. And there are some basic similarities they all share.

They all have a carrying handle and a shoulder strap, making them convenient to bring with you anywhere. The Kelly has an angular, trapezoid shape and comes in a variety of colors and various leather materials. It’s a genuinely remarkable accessory that is both rare and valuable.

Now, on to the Hermès Kelly bag sizes.

Kelly Pochette size

Hermes Kelly Pochette Size
Hermes Kelly Pochette. Image source: Instagram @miubb99

The Hermes Kelly Pochette is similar to the mini Kelly but is a handheld/clutch style bag that comes without a strap. It measures 22 x 12/5 x 7 centimeters.

Based on its size and lack of a strap, this bag makes the perfect evening or formal event bag.

Mini Kelly size

Mini Kelly Size
Image source: Instagram @m.t.l1968

The Hermès Kelly offers a mini Kelly size that is quite petite at 20 x 16 x 10 centimeters. It still has all the flair and style of a Kelly bag but in a much smaller package. You’ll be able to carry some cash, maybe your phone, and lip gloss in a purse this size.

It’s not as functional for everyday use, but some people just love the luxurious style. It’s perfect for a night out.

Kelly 25 size

Hermes kelly 25 size Sellier
Kelly 25 Sellier. Image source: Instagram @happypurselover

Hermes kelly 25 size Retourne
Kelly 25 Retourne. Image source: Instagram @mido3yu

The 25 is slightly larger and gives you more room to store items. It’s 25 x 19 x 9 centimeters.

It’s more of a day-to-night kind of bag that will hold a wallet, your keys, phone, and a couple of other things. The Kelly 25 size is perfect for short outings.

Kelly 28 size

Hermes Kelly 28 size Sellier
Hermes Kelly 28 Sellier. Image source: Instagram @happy_monday_moood

Hermes Kelly 28 Size Retourne
Hermes Kelly 28 Retourne. Image source: Instagram @r_tiff2326

Next on our Hermès Kelly bag list is the Kelly 28 size. The dimensions are 28 x 22 x 10 centimeters. It’s definitely one of the most sought-after sizes in the bunch, and for a good reason.

The Kelly 28 size will easily hold makeup, your wallet, your phone and charger, and a few other things, as well. You can take this purse to the office and then straight out with friends afterward, making it the perfect day-to-night accessory.

Kelly 32 size

Hermes Kelly 32 size Retourrne
Hermes Kelly 32 Retourrne. Image source: Instagram @tkloves

Hermes Kelly 32 size Retourrne
Hermes Kelly 32 Sellier Exotic. Image source: Instagram @my_life_my_fashion

Next is the Kelly 32 size. It comes in at 32 x 23 x 10.5 centimeters. It’s an ideal bag for commuters or if you like to keep a lot of things in your purse.

Easily fit a smaller iPad or a book, your phone, a planner, a wallet, and other accessories into this bag. It’s on the larger side, so it could become cumbersome to carry, but overall a great look and good for everyday use.

Kelly 35 size

Hermes Kelly 35 size Sellier
Hermes Kelly 35 Sellier. Image source: Instagram @claireteixeira

Hermes Kelly 35 size Retourrne
Hermes Kelly 35 Retourrne. Image source: Instagram @tkloves

The last size to review is the Kelly 35 size. It’s dimensions are 35 x 24 x 12 centimeters. This is a good bag for commutes or travel, as it can hold quite a bit.

You can fit a small laptop and charger, a makeup bag, scarf, money, phone, and other essentials into this purse, so it’s pretty good for everyday use. If you don’t like to forget anything when you leave home, this is the bag for you.

There are two more Kelly sizes – the 40 and 50. They are pretty large and are useful as luggage but may be less practical for everyday use.

How to buy the Hermès Kelly bag

Now you know the Hermès Kelly sizes, but how do you buy the Hermès Kelly bag? It’s not as simple as you’d think. There are a few ways to acquire this designer bag, though.

From Hermès

With time, patience, and money, it is possible to get an Hermès Kelly bag directly from the company. Though you can’t simply purchase one from the website.

Instead, you’ll need a sales associate to tell you when a Kelly bag is available. You can always ask at the store, but don’t be surprised if they don’t have a Kelly bag available at the moment.

However, this really is the best option for authenticity. And it will likely be cheaper to buy this luxury item directly than to buy second-hand, so it may be worth the wait.

Special order

There are some Hermès Kelly sizes that you can special order – if you’re lucky. You’ll need to be an Hermès customer already, and then you might be offered a special order option. You’ll get to choose many details about your bag to make it unique to you.

Naturally, this is a very popular and highly selective process. There are only so many special orders available, so know that it can take some time.


Suppose you aren’t able to go to an Hermès store or don’t like the idea of waiting until the right bag is available. In that case, you can order one second-hand online.

Wondering where to start? There are some excellent options on sites like Madison Avenue Couture and The RealReal, so check there if you want to buy online.

How rare is the Kelly bag?

The Hermès Kelly bag is quite rare. It is definitely an investment piece that costs quite a bit of money and, in many cases, time to acquire. While Birkins used to be more popular than the Kelly, they’re now considered equal.

How to afford the Kelly bag

Plan on spending at least $10,000 or much more on an Hermés Kelly bag. The prices just go up from there. When you want a bag this rare that costs thousands of dollars, how do you afford it?

For big purchases like this, it’s essential to commit to saving for quite a while. Unless you already have the money saved, it may take you anywhere from several months to a few years to save up for this purchase. That’s okay – use the time to research, find out precisely what Hermès Kelly size you want, and be sure you are okay with this large of a purchase.

If you’ve decided that the Hermès Kelly bag is right for you, here’s what to do next:

Savings account

First, you need to start saving up. To begin, look at prices for bags that look similar to the one you want. Divide the price of the purse by the number of months you’ll need to save.

For example, if the bag you want is $20,000 and you want to save for three years, that would be approximately $555.00 a month you’d need to save.

Find a good high-yield savings account to keep your money in while you save. That will give you a bit of interest, which might be helpful if you’ll be saving for quite a while.

Find a good price

When you are ready to buy, it’s difficult not to buy the first Kelly bag you see. With a buy like this, it’s easy to be excited, but leaving emotion out of your purchase is vital. Remember how hard you worked to save, and know that the right bag is out there.

Before you purchase, ensure that the material, color, size, and design are exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re buying second-hand, ensure that the purse is authentic prior to buying.

After you get proof of authenticity, notice if the price is reasonable for what you’re buying. See what others are charging for similar bags, then make your purchase according to your research.

You can own the Hermès Kelly bag and still meet your financial goals

Wondering if the Hermès Kelly bag is too impractical for someone who’s money-conscious? It’s not! You are totally capable of making a budget, saving your money, and then meeting this financial goal, in addition to many others.

If you take your time, save up, and are thoughtful about the purchase, you can own an Hermès Kelly bag guilt-free.

Find out more about Hermès luxury purses, how to afford them, and other fashion advice right here on Clever Girl Finance!