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Lady Dior sizes
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A Lady Dior bag is the perfect finishing touch to your daytime casual or night-time glam ensemble. It’s also considered one of the ultimate luxury classic bags alongside bags from Hermes and Chanel etc. But with all the different Lady Dior sizes and colors available, it can be hard to pin down exactly which bag is right for you.

So, let’s help you out! Here’s a quick guide to one of the most iconic accessories in the fashion world.

The history of Lady Dior bags

First up, how did Lady Dior bags come about? It all starts with the British Royal Family. The story goes that Diana, Princess of Wales, was visiting Paris in 1995 to attend a Cezanne exhibition at the Grand Palais.

And the First Lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, wanted to impress the princess by giving her an exquisite gift. Who did she approach to find something memorable enough for the princess? None other than Maison Dior.

The result of this advice was a brand-new Dior handbag, which was known as the Chouchou. The style hadn’t officially launched at the time, but the princess was so impressed with it that she bought every color option, creating multiple matching and style opportunities.

Diana brought her fave new accessory on many outings. And the designer brand responded by renaming the Chouchou to Lady Dior in honor of her.

The Lady Dior is no ordinary bag. The detailed construction that is so structured while also being so fashionable speaks of a thoughtful design. This timeless piece is constructed from 144 parts. Since its release, you may have seen the bag in every color combination imaginable, along with special seasonal editions.

So, which of the Lady Dior sizes and design features is the right choice for you?

What are the different bag sizes?

There are five different Lady Dior sizes available, from mini to large and everything in between. Let’s take a closer look at the measurements and specifications for each style.

Lady Dior micro size

Lady dior micro size -
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The Lady Dior micro size measures 12cm (width) x 10cm (height) x 5cm (depth), or in inches, 5” x 4” x 2”.

Despite its small size, this is an adorable bag you can wear with a shoulder strap or hold using the top handle, whatever works better for your outfit and preferences.

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It’s more of a wallet than a purse, but you’ll look super stylish! This bag won’t hold much more than your very basic items though, maybe some money and perfume at most.

Lady Dior mini size

Lady Dior mini size -
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The Lady Dior mini size measures  17cm (width) x 16cm (height) x 7cm (depth), or in inches, 6.5” x 6” x 3″.

You’ll get the same look as the micro with the Lady Dior mini, but with the advantage of more space. You’ll be able to tote your phone and a few other items with you, perfect for errands or a nice dinner.

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It features a chain shoulder strap usually, so you can carry it on one shoulder or as a cross-body bag. And of course, if you prefer, you can use the handle to carry it by hand.

Lady Dior small size

Lady Dior small size -
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The Lady Dior small size bag measures 20cm (width) x 16.5cm (height) x 8cm (depth), or in inches, 8″ x 6.5″ x 3″.

This bag sits in the middle of all the Lady Dior bag sizes.

Lady Dior small size -
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It looks fantastic worn crossbody, with a thicker shoulder strap, although it’s also dainty enough if you prefer to carry it by hand.

As a level up from the mini, you’ll fit your phone, money, makeup, and more in the Lady Dior small size bag.

Lady Dior medium size

Lady Dior medium size -
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The Lady Dior medium size bag measures 24cm (width)  x 20cm (height) x 11cm (depth) or in inches, 9.5″ x 8″ x 4.5″.

As the second-largest in the range, this versatile accessory is great for stocking everything from your phone to your diary and wallet.

Lady Dior medium size -
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It’s a genuinely convenient choice to use during the day and really makes a statement.

But that’s not where the fun stops! With a thin detachable strap, it’s a cinch to transform this into an evening look too.

Lady Dior large size

Lady Dior large size -
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The Lady Dior large size is built to accommodate your lifestyle, measuring in at 32cm (width) x 25cm (height) x 11cm (depth), or in inches, 12.5″ x 10″ x 4.5″.

You’ll want your large Lady Dior at your side for all your regular outings

Lady Dior large size -
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. This versatile accessory has a shoulder strap that can be removed and gives you plenty of styling options; classy yet functional.

It has a generous capacity and you can use it to hold all your essentials, including a small tablet and a makeup bag.

Where to buy your favorite size

Part of deciding which Lady Dior sizes to buy may come down to cost. Although, it may surprise you that some of the smaller Lady Dior styles can be more expensive than the larger styles. The intricacy or exclusivity of the design can influence the price you pay.

But if you’re looking for the most affordable way to own a Lady Dior bag, your best bet is to buy preowned. Websites like Fashionphile offer a wide range of Lady Dior bag sizes. You can expect discounted prices and the bonus of free shipping and returns.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid buying directly from Dior, though. If you can afford it, you’re promised authenticity and the guarantee of designer craftsmanship on a brand-new item. And there’s no worry of wear and tear either!

Another option is to rent your designer bag. But no matter which route you choose, remember that each of the Lady Dior sizes has its unique charm! So, choose the style that best suits your lifestyle.

How to save for your designer bag

Lady Dior sizes purchased directly from Dior could cost up to $7,500, which is quite an investment. In comparison, most preowned Lady Di bags on sites like Fashionphile are priced above $2,000. Don’t worry though, you’ll find some gems for less.

But either way, this isn’t small change! So if you have your heart set on owning Princess Diana’s favorite accessory, or another luxury bag, it’s essential to budget for your purchase. Credit cards aren’t a good idea as the interest charges will soon add up and leave you in debt.

The best way to save is to set up a separate savings account that you only use for your Lady Dior bag fund. This way, you can see exactly how much you have to spend and track your progress.

You might even want to set up a direct debit, so you’re automatically transferring money into your savings account each month.

For example: suppose you find a preowned Lady Dior bag for $2,880. To buy it, set aside $288 a month for ten months, etc. Or, if you don’t mind waiting a little longer, you could save $144 a month for 20 months.

Which of the Lady Dior sizes will you choose?

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Deciding which of the Lady Dior sizes to go for comes down to personal choice. It’s certainly an incredible luxury item to own.

Consider your lifestyle and what you’ll be using your bag for. If you’re often on the go, then a smaller style like the Lady Dior micro size or the Lady Dior mini size might not be suitable as you won’t be able to fit everything in.

But you may also find the Lady Dior large size too big and cumbersome for your needs. This makes the Lady Dior medium size style a good compromise between the two.

No matter which size you choose, you can be sure that your Lady Dior bag will become a treasured timeless piece in your wardrobe. For more advice and information, see our other articles about timeless fashion and affording luxury designer items.