Making Patreon feel like home, for creators and patrons everywhere



We want to make Patreon a more welcoming place for patrons and creators across the globe. Today we wanted to share some exciting progress we’re making toward that goal.

Pay and get paid the way you want

Patreon is working toward a future where all creators and patrons can pay and be paid in their currency of choice. As of today, creators can now change their payout currency to GBP, EUR, USD, and within the next few weeks we’re adding CAD and AUD. This means you can get paid the way you want, while also saving money on currency conversion fees for both you and your patrons. If you’d like to change your payout currency, click here.

The ability for patrons to pay in their choice of supported currencies will be enabled on all creator pages on October 5th. Learn more here.

Since we started rolling out currency choice for patrons, we’ve learned that patrons are signing up for membership 30% more often when they can pay in their own currency. This also helps increase trust with new patrons who instantly feel safer pledging when they see their local currency offered.

Try Merch for Membership, in all supported currencies

In addition to growing your audience with currency choice, we’re excited to announce that Merch for Membership is now available in all supported currencies, to all monthly creators.

Take the headache out of offering physical rewards to your patrons and save money with flat rate global shipping. Your custom merch items are delivered hassle-free across the globe no matter where your patrons are. Learn more here.

Patreon in your local language

ICYMI, we rolled out the Patreon website and apps in German back in August. Today we’re launching Patreon in French, with Spanish and Italian coming at the end of October.

Here’s how it works: We’ll detect language preference from the browser settings of new visitors, so when they visit your creator page, they’ll automatically be shown one of the languages we support. However, keep in mind that this only affects the parts of the experience owned by Patreon; anything written by a creator or patron will not be translated and will remain in its original language.

You and your patrons can change language preference by using the language selector at the bottom of the website, or in profile settings.

We believe that supporting additional languages and currencies on Patreon will help creators reach a wider, global audience and make patrons feel more at home. Stay tuned for more to come in 2021.