Maximise Returns With Our Automatic Investment Plans



May 25, 2022

The way money is invested evolved dramatically over the past few years. Where once investors had to visit banks and meet brokers and business leaders to explore investment opportunities, they are now available to us through our internet-connected devices.

From investing in stocks to investing in P2P lending platforms, everything can be managed from the comfort of your home.

However, the aid that technology can provide to investors goes beyond simply making investing more accessible.

Today, investors have access to smart tools that can make investing money a hassle-free process while boosting the expected returns.

In this article, we are going to talk about one such tool that has been made available to investors by LenDenClub- automatic investment technology.

What is Automated Investment Technology?

The name of the technology gives away a lot about what it can do. Automatic investment technology eliminates the need for human intervention in making smart investment decisions on the LenDenClub platform.

Choosing the right borrowers, allocating the amount to different borrowers, and making sure that reinvestments are done on time are just some of the things enabled by our automated investment technology.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the questions about automated investments that may be popping up in your head right now.

How can returns be optimised using Auto investment?

So an automatic investment tool invests your money automatically. That sure makes investing hassle-free, but how does investment optimization happen using this tool?

One of the ways your investment returns are optimised using auto investments is that your investment decisions are based on real data. The AI-powered tool on \can actively look for profiles to be invested in and make those investments simple, quick and efficient. In this way, your investment is better protected against the risk of loan defaults.

How LDC’s auto investment plan helps in maximising returns

LenDenClub’s auto investment feature is designed to make investing hassle-free and deliver risk-adjusted returns optimization. Some of the ways this happens are:

Auto investments are given priority access to new borrower profiles. While just about anyone can sign up to LenDenClub, borrowers have to go through 200-data points screening to ensure they are truly creditworthy. Once this check is done, new borrower profiles are added to the platform. Auto investment tool will select the best profiles and invest your money into them and by the end of your tenure, you can get handsome returns that are competitive and beat inflation.

We have already discussed how auto investments make investing hassle-free. The same feature of this technology helps investors exercise more discipline with their investments. With automatic investing, your returns are automatically reinvested, further maximising the potential returns you can expect with the power of compounding where your principal amount invested keeps growing gradually increasing your portfolio value


The auto investment tool and the portfolio optimization it enables are simply too good to be ignored by smart investors. If you want to experience the power of automatic investing first-hand, sign up to LenDenClub today.