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OneFarm’s vision is to help transform our food production infrastructure, by making it possible to grow more of the food we need in the UK, all year round, whatever the weather. To deliver on their ambitious sustainability goals they need to use the latest industry leading vertical farming technology, which is why they have partnered with the foodtech specialists Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) — based in Edinburgh — to provide the technology for their Newmarket site.

IGS, who are co-investors in the project alongside Suffolk County Council (SCC) and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NALEP), are one of the leading lights in developing indoor vertical farm technology with sustainability at its heart.

IGS growth tower

IGS are a well-backed established name in the food sector

Founded in 2013, IGS brought together decades of farming and engineering experience with a vision to revolutionise the indoor growing market. Now they are backed by a range of investors following a recent equity raise of over £40m — including Scottish Enterprise — and have delivered over £100m in sales

Investing in the solutions of the future

IGS launched their first demonstration farm in 2018, and have spent over £8m on research and development. Now they hold 17 patents for their innovative modular growing technology

Innovative technology that cuts environmental impact

IGS’ growing solutions are focussed on growing food as close to zero impact as possible — be that through cutting out fertilisers and pesticides, or running off 100% renewable electricity.

You can learn more about IGS on their website here, including registering for a virtual tour of a vertical farm site.

OneFarm is open for investment on Abundance now — learn more here.

“OneFarm’s consumer-centric approach to growing and distribution reflects an evolving consumer desire — to really know and understand where their food is coming from and ensure availability and quality of produce. OneFarm are ambitious and forward-thinking, and steeped in both agritech and agricultural knowledge. We are very proud to have been selected to work alongside them to help deliver their vision.” — David Farquhar, CEO, IGS

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