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EVC is on a mission to install up to 100,000 EV chargers over the next five years, but what makes the EVC team a good bet in this busy market? We caught up with their founders Olly Soper, Nick Ballamy and Simon Turner to hear about their experience, EVC’s mission, and what electric cars they drive.

How did the EVC directors meet?

Olly and Simon have run many businesses together in the renewable energy industry. We met Nick, who was working in car park management, through a friend and proposed an EV installation business using his knowledge of the car parking industry and our energy background.

Why do you think your team works well together?

We have a great history of complementing each other in the workplace, and EVC is no exception. All parts of the EVC team have succeeded in other areas before so we all know what it takes and what is important. The EVC team are all passionate about building a sustainable future, and our shared commitment to Net Zero is a huge part of our company culture — we want to leave the world better than we found it.

Why did you get into the EV charging industry?

Nick: I’ve worked in car park management for years, and during this time it became clear to me that most of the existing charge point operators had very little awareness about the attitudes and behaviours of UK motorists. I also saw that it was difficult for most landlords and property management companies to provide sufficient charging infrastructure, especially given the high initial costs. For the EV revolution to take hold, it was key that this was addressed, and this gave us the perfect opportunity to create EVC and bridge the gap.

Olly: I’ve been working in utility solar and wind since 2005, and saw first-hand the rapid pace of decarbonisation in the electricity industry. It was clear transportation would follow suit. There is a significant volume of electric vehicle charging infrastructure required to facilitate any meaningful transition to low carbon transportation, and I wanted to be part of that journey.

Simon: I have a long history of working in renewable energy having run an energy consultancy and developed many large scale solar, battery and renewable heating projects. I am working hard to help decarbonise energy, agriculture and now transport.

Why is public EV charging so important?

Nick: The government is scaling up its commitments to Net Zero, and with the 2030 ban on new fossil fuel powered cars rapidly approaching, motorists in the UK have shown they are more than ready for the EV revolution. Car manufacturers across the globe are overhauling their supply chains, and EVs are getting cheaper and more widely available to all demographics. There’s a clear shift in consciousness in the UK, with people keen to do what they can as individuals to decrease their carbon footprint and contribute to a more renewable society. EVs are a major part of this.

Olly: An alternative to hydrocarbons is needed to power our cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. By far the most likely alternative is electrification utilising our existing grid infrastructure.

Simon: The impending ban on fossil fuel cars in the UK is providing a short term stimulus but in our opinion it is obvious that we have to move away from the use of fossil fuels wherever possible. Switching motor vehicles to electric or hydrogen is the next step in our journey.

EVC chargers across the UK

Why are you passionate about making a difference in this market?

Nick: We have the ability to contribute to the EV revolution in the UK, by bridging the gap for private landlords that don’t have accessible funding, enabling them to implement EV charging infrastructure for their residents, customers, and staff. A comprehensive charging network will assist the UK’s transition to an electric future, ensuring the provision of a sustainable future for generations to come.

Olly: Being part of a growth industry in a genuinely low carbon, sustainable sector and helping design that sector from the bottom up with a burgeoning new business is pretty exciting to me!

Simon: I have lived and breathed renewable energy my entire career and am passionate about driving towards a sustainable future to leave the planet in a better state than when we arrived.

You say you are the UK’s first fully funded provider of EV chargers. Why is offering fully funded chargers so important?

A lot of companies don’t want to, or can’t afford to pay for charging infrastructure. A large segment of the market would go unserved if there was no fully funded product offering. Providing all companies with the option to provide sufficient infrastructure for their car park users completely free of charge, ensures this disparity is lessened, encouraging the uptake of EVs across the UK.

You have created relationships with a number of leading names in the hospitality industry. What attracts them to EVC in particular?

Our team all have a lot of experience with clients in the hospitality sector, and have combined our knowledge and expertise to put together a service offering that gives our clients in the hospitality sector total peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and our high quality service offering.

Not only do we provide a variety of services, giving them the flexibility to tailor their EV charging infrastructure from location to location, our expert technical team are on-hand at all times to guide our clients through the process of getting infrastructure installed. Our user-friendly chargers and 24/7 customer support team provide the ultimate customer journey. EVC provides all this free of charge, which is very attractive to the clients we work with.

What experience do your team have on delivering this kind of project?

We’ve delivered portfolio projects consisting of 1000’s of individual smaller sites, along with very large (70 acres) single site projects. We’re very good at managing construction risk and delivering engineering solutions. We also have a great deal of experience working with companies in the residential and hospitality sectors, and know the level of service expected.

Why do you think providing public EV chargers is important for delivering a Net Zero future?

It’s absolutely critical. With the UK Government’s target to go Net Zero by 2050, it was clear that transportation would play a major part in tackling decarbonisation. Transport produced 27% of the UK’s total emissions so encouraging road users to make the switch to electric would have a positive effect on achieving this target. But with this large-scale transition to EVs, it is essential that we provide the charging infrastructure across the country so that this new wave of EV drivers always have a place to charge.

Do the EVC directors drive EVs, and if so, what cars?

Simon: I have driven a Tesla since 2019, 100% electric. I had some reservations before I bought it, as this was intended for my family car, but since my switch I have had no regrets and would never purchase a non-electric vehicle in the future.

Olly: I drive a Nissan Leaf. 100% electric, purchased in 2019! I am very happy with it, there has been no degradation of the battery capacity at all, which was my key concern, and it has held its value incredibly well.

Nick: I drive an Audi Etron, which is 100% electric. For me it’s been a whole new way of life, the convenience of charging up at work or overnight at home is great. And the driving experience is much smoother than my previous petrol car!

What personal choices do you make in your own lives to help the environment?

We all drive electric vehicles, have a 100% renewable home electricity supply, cycle where we can, try to buy as little plastic as possible, compost green waste, recycle everything we can.

Why was it important for you to allow the public to invest in your business?

There are so many greenwashed products out there, I find it very hard to see through the corporate gloss on both how sustainable the product is, and how safe the return is. EVC’s transparent approach makes it clear exactly what you are investing in. We are a company with a genuine desire to make a difference, and build a more sustainable future for the UK, and we wanted to give everyone the chance to be part of that.

What do you do day to day to grow your business and reach your goals?

Our mission is ultimately to roll-out 100,000 EV charging points by 2027. We keep this goal in mind with everything we do, and since our inception our key focus has been building systems and processes that are highly scalable. Our people and partners are a huge part of this, and our recruitment strategy and supplier on-boarding targets people that are equally as invested in working towards a greener future.

We’re constantly innovating to keep up with (and push the boundaries on!) EV charging technologies supporting the UK’s progress to net zero. We’re also dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients and companies, and since our creation have made a real impression in the market. Our clients know that if they need a high quality, long-term solution to their EV charging needs, they can come to us!

EVC rapid charger