Merch for Membership: A headache-free solution for offering merch to your patrons



Creators, you got into the business of making things, not the business of logistics. You know your audience craves high-quality, unique merch — if only you didn’t have to turn your living room into a warehouse to get it to them.

In 2019, we started Merch for Membership, a simple way to get exclusive merch to your patrons. But until now, availability has been limited. Now we’re excited to make it available to all creators who bill patrons monthly!

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Whether you’re a new creator just signing up for Patreon, or an existing creator looking to grow your Patreon, Merch for Membership can help by:

  • Getting you more patrons: When your audience sees your new patron-only merch, they’ll be excited to learn more about your Patreon.
  • Getting your existing patrons to pledge up: Looking for a way to encourage your patrons to join a higher tier? Adding merch to higher or new tiers encourages existing patrons to pledge up.
  • Convincing patrons to stick around longer: Creators who use Merch for Membership keep 10-12% more of their patrons than those who don’t. Rewarding patrons with custom merch keeps them happy and pledging.

Have a merch store already? That’s great — so do many creators who use Merch for Membership. What makes this feature special is the ability to offer hassle-free, custom merch that’s only available to your patrons.

Turn your beautiful design into nine different merch items, including stickers, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies, and posters.

Make merch a breeze with Patreon’s Merch for Membership

Wondering how Merch for Membership works? It’s easy!

  1. Select an item
  2. Upload your design
  3. Add your item to a tier
  4. Patreon automatically sends your item to all patrons after three consecutive months on that tier.

That’s it!

For an additional 3% added to your current platform fee, and the cost of each item, we’ll handle production, global shipping and support.

Now let’s dive in a little more! You’ll start by selecting what item to offer your patrons: the merch items we have available currently are stickers, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies, and posters.

After that, a top-notch manufacturer will turn your design into an expertly-crafted piece of merch that you’ll be able to assign to a tier of your choice. Though you’ll have the option to choose the price of your merch tier, we’ll also recommend a price for you that’s based on the cost associated with producing and shipping the item.

All that’s left is for your patron of three months to receive your piece of high-quality merch in the mail.

  • Lose the spreadsheets: No more keeping track of patron addresses or eligibility. We’ll handle all that for you, so you can get back to creating.
  • Take back your living room: Since we’ll handle production, shipping and tracking, the days of turning your home into a warehouse are over.
  • Help the planet: Because your merch is made-to-order, there’s no risk of unsold items ending up in a landfill.

Merch for Membership takes all the pressure off of you and allows you to really focus on creating. It’s a no brainer.

  • Beleaf in Fatherhood, Family video creator




“Since Patreon handles the logistics and fulfillment of our exclusive shirt, sending it to the right patrons at the right time, our small team is able to focus on the important things, like discussing whether Rollergator is a worse movie than Lycan Colony”

  • Erik Peterson, Senior Comedy Engineer at RiffTrax

Tips On Using Merch for Membership to Grow Your Patreon

As creators, you know promotion is key. You gotta tell your audience what you’re up to! So, much like the advice we give all creators when they launch their memberships — promote, promote, promote.

  • Tease your merch on social media, and make it a big deal when it’s finally available (Also, be sure to mention that this merch is available exclusive to patrons)
  • Share design concepts with your audience and let them vote on their favorite
  • Encourage your patrons to share pictures of their merch so your wider audience can see

“Thanks to physical rewards, we’ve been able to experience an incline in our higher tier memberships, and we’re excited to see what else Patreon has in store!”

  • The Normies, Gaming video creators




“The Merch for Membership product allows us to track everything in one place. And the fulfillment of those products is super easy.”

Kaylin Burke, Content Strategist for the Try Guys.

How do I get started?

Merch is a powerful way to connect with your audience and to build income for your creative business. There’s no better time than now to offer your fans merch that they can’t get anywhere else.Currently, Merch for Membership is only available to creators who bill patrons on a monthly basis. If you’re thinking about offering loyalty merch to your patrons, learn more here: