Messari Wants to be the Bloomberg of Web3



Often cited as a source of on-chain and crypto data in news articles and white papers, Messari is known as “the Bloomberg of crypto,” according to Roberto Talamas, a Data Scientist at the firm. He described a media and marketing company like Bloomberg as more than just a terminal.

“In the early days, we were very focused on price data, market cap, and financial metrics,” he said. “Now, we are pivoting toward launching on-chain data analytics. We can get very reliable data from the chain directly; the data is all there. We just need tools to use it.”

Roberto Talamas, a Data Scientist Messari

The goal, he said at the Consensus cryptocurrency conference in Austin, TX, is to aggregate information for institutional clients and investors to make better decisions. Talamas, formerly a research analyst at Blackrock, said that the world of financial reporting is changing with the advent of on-chain data.

“There is a huge difference between crypto and the legacy space,” he said. Unlike public reporting companies that space out financial data or choose different metrics to report to sway shareholder opinions, he said that on-chain data is there “every single day so that you don’t have to wait three months.”

Q reports for Crypto

Paced out between written research reports and news aggregation, the firm also added a quarterly report system to match the flow of web1-2 public company reporting.

“Although we aggregate the data every single day, we also write a report every three months on this state of the protocol. So that people like you can see what happened,” he said.


They offer varying levels of subscriptions and favor institutional grade involvement for the Bloomberg-like price of $10,000 a year. The fifty-member strong Analyst team writes reports on protocols and crypto companies, not just for interior use, but for the subscriber community, as Mary Dawson, the firm’s PR manager described.

Just before the conference, Messari updated their DAO tracking section, which they claim is the largest aggregator of DAO activity worldwide. Talamas said their platform enables DAO communities to track protocols live, a here-and-now addition that proves necessary when lending protocols or bridges between chains collapse.

The database holds over 800 DAOs and 350 DAO tools, with asset profiles that contain details on governance structure, process, tools, and frameworks.

‘Empowering Process’

“This new version of Messari Governor completes its offer to focus not only on DAO governance but also on their entire lifecycle, providing a holistic view for users to feel confident in self-governing their communities,” Messari Governor Manager Tomas Molin said in a release. “Thanks to the largest databases of DAOs, DAO tools, and governance processes, this updated version is another step towards empowering participation across the DAO ecosystem.”

Messari originally launched Governor in 2021 as a public, free-to-use governance aggregator and voting platform. The newest version of Governor lowers the barriers for newcomers to find DAOs that match their interests, DAO operators to find tools and services that will help them streamline their processes, and funds and service providers to conduct market research and analysis.

The Intel aggregation platform is Messaris bread and butter, Talams said, a protocol monitor and news aggregator tied into one.

“If you are very into Uniswap, for example, you have to look at Twitter and Discord simultaneously,” he said. “What Intel does is aggregate to one single source.”

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