MiB: Graham Weaver, Alpine Investors 





This week, we speak with Graham Weaver, who is the founder and CEO of Alpine Investors, a private equity firm in San Francisco that invests in software and services. Graham has been in private equity for over 20 years, having started Alpine in his dorm room at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

We discuss how he launched a PE company in his dorm at Stanford’s GSB, and proceeded to “make every mistake in the book.” But his investors stayed with him, impressed by his communication throughout the rough period. They must have seen lots of potential in him, as Alpine is now an $8 billion firm.

He explains how Alpine came to focus on the development and training of CEOs to run their private equity acquisitions. The potential gains from a well-run turnaround start at the top, regardless of what econometric modeling the rest of the private equity industry obsesses over.

A list of his favorite books is here; A transcript of our conversation is available here Tuesday.

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Graham Weaver’s favorite books



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