Mintos Investor Stories: Mihai | Mintos Blog



When he joined Mintos, Mihai decided on strategies that would balance each other in terms of risk and return. So he opted for a high-yield strategy (loans with higher interest rates) and then created a custom automated strategy (with lower interest rate loans). And to this day, he has kept these two strategies running as he’s found it an easy way to keep his money working.

Because both strategies automatically invest on his behalf, there’s very little intervention needed from his side. He’ll add extra funds from time to time, but overall, he has a long-term, more passive approach to investing on Mintos. To check in on his strategies and see how much interest he’s earned that month, Mihai prefers using the Mintos app. 

Regarding the performance of his strategies so far, Mihai says, “some of my funds are in recovery because of recent world events, but I don’t mind that so much because I trust that the market will eventually correct itself. 3 years ago, when I first started investing, I got really freaked out when I experienced any kind of investment loss. However, now that I’ve had a bit more experience, I know that downturns are just a part of investing. The most important goal for me is to have funds for my retirement, so on the whole, I’ve learned to stay quite positive about everything and not focus too much on changes in the short-term”.