Mintos Risk Score updates June 2022



The latest risk evaluation is based on the first quarter of 2022, but also on some information sourced from the current payments status of the lending companies on Mintos. The results are reflected in the changes of the Mintos Risk Score and subscores for the loans available for investments within the sets of Notes.

When it comes to impacts based on the current status, we mainly refer to the pending payments for investments in loans from a few lending companies. As expected, accumulated pending payments had a negative impact on the Buyback Strength subscore for loans from particular  lending companies.

Most changes that are based on information from the quarterly updates are related to the financial standings and portfolio performance. As usual, they’re reflected in the Loan Portfolio Performance subscore.

The third trend that drives changes in this update is the status of the legal setup of investments in Notes. At the moment, as we’re transitioning the platform to operate under a new investment setup (Notes), the security package is still being updated for some lending companies, which affects the Cooperation Subscore. As soon as the security package is finalized, the score will be revaluated and published on the platform. 

The Mintos Risk Score was changed for 10 companies, with one upgrade and nine downgrades. 

The Mintos Risk Score and subscores were withdrawn for one companyPodemos Progresar from Mexico. At the moment of this update, there is no active loan offering from this lending company. 

We also added loans from two new lending companies to the Mintos Risk Score updates, as Credifiel and Financiera Contigo from Mexico joined the platform in the past quarter. 

When it comes to loans from the lending companies from Russia and Ukraine, their status remains unchanged since the last update, with Mintos Risk Score and subscores withdrawn for these companies. 

Also, we want to remind you that there are no specific changes in how we write or treat loans in the Mintos Risk Score updates as we transition to investments in Notes. Loans are still an integral part of Notes, loan-backed securities available for investments exclusively on Mintos. From 1 July, we will be fully transitioned to investments in Notes only.

To see detailed comments about all the latest changes in the Mintos Risk Scores and subscores, visit the Mintos Risk Score updates page.