NatWest launches free digital carbon planner



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The new tool aims to help companies reduce their carbon footprint so they can “grow greener”.

NatWest launches free digital carbon planner

Image source: Alison Rose/NatWest.

The 1.5 degree goal is not a new aim, for consumers or for businesses, but NatWest is releasing a new free tool to help customers stick to it.

NatWest’s new digital carbon planner aims to help businesses reduce their impact on the environment, following the bank’s commitment to lend £100bn to businesses in climate and sustainable funding and financing by 2025.

The free platform is designed to help businesses manage their future fuel and operational costs and reduce their carbon footprint to help them “grow greener”.

“Climate change is one of the biggest global challenges we face today, and small businesses have a critical role to play in helping the UK realise its green ambition,” NatWest CEO Alison Rose said.

NatWest Group is committed to supporting its customers to understand and reduce their emissions.” 

Rose said the launch of Carbon Planner is an “important example” of how the bank is giving its customers tools to use their own data to cut both costs and carbon emissions. 

The bank describes the platform as a “tailored solution” that provides personalied actions based on customer data.

This will enable businesses to see both their financial and environmental impact, with additional content, resources and solutions as well.

“As a bank, we can help businesses invest to save by switching from volatile commodities to renewable sources with predictable prices, and support businesses in taking actions to measure, evaluate and act to reduce their climate impact,” NatWest commercial bank COO Solange Chamberlain said.

“Every business should consider if cutting carbon could cut costs and it’s important that we support the business community explore their options through access to finance to invest in cost reducing measures like energy efficiency.”

Tha bank believes that a better understand of the commercial and carbon impacts of business operations will help companies be in a stronger position to navigate inflationary challengers, in turn leading to better carbon emission reducing decisions.

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