New Product Pitch Competition Presented by BRANDED x INDIEGOGO



Indiegogo has teamed up with BRANDED to host a pitch competition you don’t want to miss!

Which of these five products will win our New Product Pitch Competition and take home the grand prize of $5,000 and free consultation with Indiegogo and Branded?

PodMkr, a refillable, single use coffee pod maker to use with fresh ground coffee by Daniel Kalliontzis?

PillowPack, a dual-purpose neck pillow for travel with a zipper that allows you to fill the pillow with clothes by Amber Waldeier?

NCampGear, a portable and collapsible fire pit, grill, pizza oven for camping use by John Cunningham?

Mamilo, a baby bottle brand that aims to replicate and customize your own baby bottle nipple by Yo Yoshida?

Or Next-Step Stool, a lightweight, adjustable step-stool allowing you to use 1 or 2 steps depending on your needs by Sara Hasan?

Watch now to find out!

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