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NOC stands for No Objection Certificate. The NOC is an extremely crucial document that several employees and foreigners don’t really know about. As the rules and regulations in the UAE are subject to constant change, it’s obvious for NOC to request only some specific procedures and not ask as a mandatory requirement. 

Similarly, for some other procedures, NOC wasn’t necessarily asked, but now it’s mandatory. This is why it’s crucial to know the UAE laws to understand when to use this important document. 

Understanding NOC in a Precise Way

To get proper insight and better understand NOC in the UAE, you must know its definition and meaning. NOC is also known as a No Objection Certificate or a No Objection Letter in UAE. 

It’s an important legal document issued by any institution, organization, company, or agency, and in some cases, even an individual can issue it. Mostly, the UAE government-based departments require this document for certain financial, immigration, or other official procedures. 

Purpose of NOC in UAE

A NOC in UAE is nothing more than a formal letter that serves the purpose, as implied by the name, of declaring that the issuer has no objection to the procedure or action that they’re going to carry out. You must know that the NOC certificate is quite simple. This hassle-free and not-so-long document precisely state whatever is essential for an easy way. 

Moreover, this document includes crucial information such as contact details, names, addresses, an official letterhead, date, and any other info needed for the procedure. NOC is commonly issued to the various UAE government departments, and its written content varies from one reason to another, stating why it’s drafted. 

NOC in UAE: When is it Required? 

Typically, you will receive the NOC from your sponsor or employer in UAE. Thus, it’s best to know when you may need to ask one. Some procedures where you may need a NOC in UAE as a part of your documentation include: 

  • Getting a driving license in UAE
  • Adding/renewing activity to your UAE-based business
  • Switching jobs from one private company to another
  • Opening an internet account or bank account in the UAE
  • Buying a car in UAE
  • Opening a branch
  • Adding a partner on business
  • Lifting a labor ban

Apart from all these scenarios, it’s crucial to point out that you may require a NOC in UAE for any immigration-related purpose too. 

NOC in UAE: Do You Need it to Work Here? 

Many foreigners think that a no objection letter is essential from their employer or sponsor to work in UAE. This is true only if:

  • You’re transferring your sponsorship to a new sponsor or employer
  • You have finished your labor contract
  • You’re switching your job

NOC in UAE: Characteristics 

A NOC or no objection certificate in UAE from the employer consists of the following characteristics: 

  • The NOC must be drafted in either Arabic or English
  • The NOC must be issued by the sponsor or employer
  • It is completely a discretionary document that the employer must freely issue 

NOC in UAE: Do You Need it for Visa Application?

It can be confusing to know which document you need to fulfill the documentation requirement for a UAE visa application. It mostly depends on the type of UAE visa you want. 

For instance, if you want a work visa for UAE, you won’t be asked to submit any NOC. That’s because your employer will be responsible for your entire visa processing, so they’ll take control of the entire processing and documentation criteria. 

 Do You Need NOC for Business Operations? 

If you’re a foreign investor, you’ll be asked to submit a NOC for getting visa approval to start any business operations in the UAE. But it’s best to check whether it’s needed depending on the jurisdiction and business structure. 

Do You Need NOC to Lift the Labor Ban? 

When it comes to lifting a labor plan, a NOC in UAE plays a vital role. First, you must know that a labor ban is a legal implementation by the Immigration authorities in the UAE on someone for the following reasons: 

  • Ending of an unlimited labor contract prior to completing even one year of service
  • Expiry of a labor contract and no action taken by your current employer concerning your employment
  • Ending of a limited labor contract before the expiry date

Concerning this factor, if an individual provides consent and other reasons in resignation, they get about six months or a one-year ban based on what kind of contract it is. However, if you want to prevent or lift your ban, you will need the NOC from your sponsor or employer. 

 How to Prevent Getting a Labor Ban?

You can prevent getting a labor ban in two ways, which are as follows:

  • Consider a different employer for transferring your sponsorship
  • Before the contract expiration date, your employer must extend the employment contract

You will need a NOC in UAE when it comes to transferring your sponsorship. For transferring your Labor Card, ask your current employer/sponsor to issue a NOC in UAE. Once you complete the labor contract or manage to be in the midst of the sponsorship transfer process, you can do this process. 

Tips to Lift a Labor Ban

As mentioned earlier, the regulations and guidelines in the UAE are subject to constant change. So, the latest update mentions that for lifting a labor ban, you’ll need to get a NOC in UAE from your current sponsor or employer. 

Moreover, the current employer must offer a minimum wage of AED 12000/month for bachelor’s degree holders, AED 7000 for diploma holders, and AED 5000 for high school diploma holders. Below are a few steps to follow while lifting the labor ban:

  • Ask your new employer to give the NOC in Arabic
  • Ask your current employer to provide the offer letter
  • Draft and sign a personal request letter
  • Go to the Ministry of Labor site for submitting your documents
  • Wait till you get the approval
Ending Note 

With this comprehensive guide on NOC in UAE, you must have understood why it’s such a crucial document across UAE, its purpose, and when you need it. So, get the best insight and know when to provide this document in UAE.