Online Crowdfunding Ideas that Work for Any Cause



Online fundraisers are now mainstream and are on a steady rise. Reports suggest that there will be a 32% increase in online donations in 2020, and the number is constantly rising.

Benefits of online Crowdfunding

· Easy to set up: One of the best things about online crowdfunding is easy to set up. Numerous platforms provide you the opportunity to set up and run crowdfunding campaigns.  

· Free set up: Most online fundraiser campaigns do not cost a dime to set up. You don’t need to book any venue for your event, arrange lunch for the committee members, or need to spend money on printing flyers.

· Global reach: The best thing about online fundraisers is the global reach. With the help of social media and peers, you can collect funds from any part of the world.

Easy Online Crowdfunding ideas

Email Fundraiser Campaigns

It is one of the most common forms of crowdfunding campaigns. It is also a great way of growing your email list over time. Your only job is to make your email catchy enough so that people will open and donate to your cause. The subject line should be eye-catching, and you can include pictures and videos with your message and must stress the immediate call to action.

Virtual concert or speaking engagement

Virtual concerts have gained serious popularity due to COVID-19. Invite musicians, artists, or famous actors, authors, athletes, or experts passionate about the cause. You can also have a Q & A session after the performance. People are willing to pay to see their favourite musicians play live and famous actors talking about something serious. These types of concerts have a significant effect on the audience and are great for fundraising.

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Peer-to-peer crowdfunding has gained high popularity in recent years. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to crowdfund for charity.

Peer-to-peer fundraising involves recruiting volunteers and who, on your behalf, will create their own unique social media pages and promote the crowdfunding cause to their family and friends.

This type of crowdfunding dramatically increases the reach of the community. Moreover, now people are more skeptical about online crowdfunding campaigns as many turn out to be scams. But when someone known promotes a fundraising campaign it builds trust and so more people donate funds.  

Encourage your volunteers to set up personal crowdfunding pages and fundraise for your cause. Participants can themselves post online, host live events to ring in more people.

Game tournament or online contest

Gaming has reached a new height in 2021, and this will get to a whole new level with the introduction of the metaverse.

So there is a lot you can achieve with gaming. Online gaming tournaments are a popular thing; just use them for your fundraising cause.

You can organize with some gaming company or hosts and arrange a gaming tournament to challenge participants’ test team skills, endurance, and aptitude.

You can even keep a winning prize, and get local businesses for sponsorships. You can use Gamefly to rent games for tournaments and use Discord or Twitch to host video chats to allow participants to communicate and live stream.

Gaming tournaments hands down are one of the best options for online fundraising.

Besides gaming you can also conduct fun-filled online competitions for a good cause. These contests can be like

Talent contest: People can perform songs, music, dance and will be judged on that. Just like any reality talent show, you can have a virtual fundraising event.

Photography contest: Ask people to participate and share their best clicks

Filmmaking contest: Give participants a period like 24 hours and ask them to shoot a short film no more than 5 mins on their mobile, edit, and complete the film by sending it within a deadline.

Art contest: Participants can share their best artworks  

Costume contest: It can be more like a homemade fashion contest where people make their own costumes.

All these are great fundraising concepts, but you need to carry out proper promotions to reach the right target audience willing to participate and donate money for the cause.

Social media takeover and Social media campaigns

What is the best place to reach a large audience? Of course, they are social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Use peer-to-peer strategy and reach a large number of audiences through these platforms. But keep in mind the content should be engaging and compelling enough for people to click and donate. You might even use both text and videos to achieve greater engagement.

For social media, reach out to the big business organizations that support your mission and ask them to hand over their social media accounts for a day or a few hours.  This is a great and easy way to reach a greater number of audience.


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