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The Complete Guide to Credit Basics Credit is an important part of your financial journey, so it’s vital to understand it. From understanding your credit report, FICO, and how and why credit is used, CreditInfoCenter is here to lay it out for you. The Complete Guide to Your Credit Report Everything you need to understand about what makes up your credit report, how to read it, and why it matters. Included in this guide are the basics of your report, steps on how to make changes to your report, and how to monitor your report correctly. The Complete Guide to Credit Repair Credit repair is possible, and we’re here to help you learn how to make it happen. From the basics of what repair is to understanding how to do credit repair yourself, we’ve got you covered. We also show you why credit repair is important and how bad credit can hurt you going forward. Free Credit Repair Letters to Fix Your Credit If you’ve decided to take your credit repair on yourself, we have tools to help. We have developed and shared a variety of credit repair letters for late payment disputes, collections and charge-off account disputes, and credit report inquiry disputes. You’ll find all you need to get started right here. The Complete Guide to Credit Cards Credit cards are often your first experience with credit, so it’s vital to know all there is to know about them. We lay out what credit cards are, why they’re useful, and the risks of not paying your bills on time. No matter your experience level with credit cards, we can help you understand them. The Complete Guide to Banks and Credit Unions Whether you’re looking for a checking or savings account, loans, credit cards, or other lines of credit, you’ve likely come across both banks and credit unions. While on the surface they seem quite similar, there are some key differences between them that are important to understand. The Complete Guide to Managing Debt We’ve put together the different types of debt and how they affect your credit score, as well as how to deal with the debts you have no matter how old they are. Everything you need to know about handling the debt you have and deciding to take on new debt is right here. The Complete Guide to Debt Settlement Debt settlement can be challenging, so we’re here to help you out with steps on how to settle your debts without outside assistance. We explain the different ways to settle debts, the pros and cons of both, and why it’s important for your credit journey that you make these settlements. Also included is a guide on possible legal issues and strategies that credit and collection agencies will present you with during settlement so you know what to expect. The Complete Guide to Debt Collectors We explain how you should approach debt collectors and what your legal rights are when it comes to debt collections. We also help you become aware of some of the predatory tactics that many debt collectors will use, along with how to avoid them so that you aren’t taken advantage of during your debt journey. The Complete Guide to Personal Loans We compare personal loans to other types of loans, explaining their differences and advantages. If you want to pursue a personal loan but have bad credit, we’re here to show you options you may qualify for that aren’t payday loans. The Complete Guide to Auto Loans Buying a car can be exciting, and we’re here to help it go smoothly for you. We help explain buying versus leasing, how to get a car loan with bad credit, and what happens if you can’t make your car loan payments. We’re here to give you the knowledge to get the car you want and can afford! The Complete Guide to Mortgages We help simplify the process of buying a home from beginning to end. Included are the types of mortgage loans, tips to get a home loan with bad credit, and information on how refinancing your current home works. The Complete Guide to Student Loans We’re here to help current, former, and future students understand what student loans are and how they work. We explain how to get federal loans, what FAFSA is, and explain everything you need to know before you take that first loan out or make your first payment.