Over 800 academy grads remain with SJP



Ten years on from the launch of the St James’s Place (SJP) Academy, 844 graduates of the scheme remain part of the adviser network.

The Academy has also led to the creation of 658 new SJP adviser businesses.

So far 1,000 trainees have graduated through the training scheme.

The training scheme has seen a wide range of graduates including 66 ex-professional sports players and 29 former military members.

The average age of those graduating was 34 years old. The average age of advisers across the SJP partnership is 47.

Just over a quarter (26%) of SJP Academy graduates have been women, but SJP said it is making ‘continued efforts’ to raise that to a higher percentage.

Last year the SJP Academy restructured to a remote training programme to reduce barriers to entry.

Andy Payne, head of academy at SJP, said: “As we look ahead, I believe one of the most vital aspects of our new-look Academy is that it becomes an Academy for All, and we really want to ‘go broad’ with what the Academy offers.  What I mean by that is that very different potential SJP advisers and paraplanners will find a home here, regardless of circumstance, whether that be gender, sexuality, personal identity, disability, or social or ethnic background. 

“Adaptability and flexibility have always run through our DNA. However, I believe that our new ‘location-less’ Academy, enabling our recruits to shape their own style of learning, will result in a much more accessible and inclusive environment for all, and, ultimately, will lead to better outcomes for SJP’s clients.”