Overview of New Registries in Voluntary Carbon Market | by Livia Duprez | AlliedCrowds



When we think of carbon offsets, we usually think of credits issued by projects from well-known registries such as the CDM, Verra, or Gold Standard. However, a number of recently-launched registries are gaining traction in the voluntary carbon offsetting sector. We recap some of the newer entrants below:


Nori is an American Carbon Removal Marketplace created in 2017. It is focused on projects in the Agricultural sector, all located in the United States. One can buy Nori Carbon Removal Tonne (NRTs) from the projects, with one NRT representing one ton of CO2 emissions stored for a minimum of ten years. The projects which issue the NRTs are verified by an independent third party before they are listed on the marketplace.

  • 11 projects
  • 6,334 average credits issued per project
  • 71,419 credits retired
  • $15/tCO2e price per NRT

Projects per State:


ProClima International is a Colombian registry which registers projects from the Forestry and land Use sector in Colombia. They issue Verified Carbon Credits (VCCs), which are verified by Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) who follow the standard set out by ProClima in their Manual for Validation and Verification of GHG Mitigation Initiatives and Other Greenhouse Gas Projects.

  • 20 registered projects
  • 3 pending projects
  • 29 years average project duration

Label Bas Carbone

The Label Bas Carbone is a French certification standard for the voluntary carbon emissions markets, with the primary goal of assisting France in meeting its emissions reductions targets. The registry was launched in 2018 by the French Ministry of Ecology in collaboration with the Institute for Climate Economics. Their projects are all in the Forestry and Land Use sector and are all in France.

  • 152 projects
  • 3,035 tCO2e average emissions reductions per project

Architecture for REDD+ Transactions

Architecture for REDD+ Transactions is a voluntary international initiative that looks to promote carbon stocks through forest restoration and forest protection. It has forestry related projects worldwide. To certify the carbon credits issued by their projects, it uses its own standard: TREES (The REDD+ Environmental Excellence Standard).

These 4 smaller registries account for 195 projects (=1.1% of total projects from AlliedOffsets database) — in the coming months, we’ll be looking to add date on projects from more registries, so stay tuned!

To follow the growth of these registries, check out our dashboard here or reach out to us through carbon@alliedcrowds.com.