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Payday Loan from Direct Lenders? | All Credits Considered!


How Do I Get a Payday Loan from Direct Lenders?

Payday Loans from Direct Lenders?

In an age where information flows more freely than anything else on the planet you have to ask the question: why would you want to restrict your buying options by only shopping with one supplier? Whether you’re shopping for light bulbs, food or your next loan the internet gives you an unparalleled range of choice.

Buying from Amazon or Ebay or a similar site? You’re not actually purchasing an Amazon or Ebay product are you, you’re purchasing a product from a vendor who advertises on Amazon or Ebay and uses them as their platform or shop window.

It’s the same with us or any other credit broker who uses Google for their free listings, otherwise known as organic search. We are the platform or shop window for pretty much the whole of pages 1 and 2 of Google when you put the search term ‘Payday Loans Direct Lender’ into the search box.

Those same lenders who you could spend a comfortable afternoon and evening browsing through each and every one of their products and terms and conditions are all under our Apply Now button on every page throughout the site.

So What’s The Difference?

Honestly? There isn’t one. Take a look at some direct lenders websites where they try to sell you the idea that only using them is the right way to go. The main argument they use against trying a broker is that we might charge you a fee (we can’t without telling you in triplicate).

However, during the course of our research for this brief post, we noticed something that is becoming more prevalent with each week. Where have all the payday lenders gone? All of a sudden the people who were offering you their ‘responsible, ethical payday loans’ have decided they don’t do that anymore and now want to sell you one of their ‘short term loans’ instead. The difference? The name and that’s it.

What changed? The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) now allows Claims Management Companies to go after payday loan companies for unaffordable lending practices going back over the last few years. So, bowing to the regulator’s pressure most of us whether brokers or direct lenders have decided to go down the much ‘safer’ Short Term Loan route and advertise as such instead of the now toxic ‘payday loan’ banner. This means your rightly demonised payday loan is now called a short term loan or an instalment loan.

A Loan is A Loan is A Loan

As we keep mentioning – a loan is a loan is a loan and the only difference is the rate, the amount and the term. All these names are purely for marketing purposes and to help differentiate one product from another. Yes there’s secured or unsecured but that’s another sector.

So the main thrust of our question of how to get a loan from a direct lender is well and truly in your hands. You can use our Apply now button on every page to put yourself in front of our lending panel of up to 40 direct lenders at any one time. Or you can do a Google search for the same term and go through each one, one by one. What you’ll find, as we’ve been trying to point out, is that apart from the amount of time it’s taken you to do your searching, there’s very little difference at all.

We hope this helps.

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