Product updates: Navigation, Insights, and more



We’ve cooked up some changes to make managing your membership and navigating your dashboard as intuitive as possible. Read on or head to our blog to see what’s new.

Testing 1, 2, 3

What nudges fans to become patrons? How can we get them to stay around longer? We’re eager to find the answers (and we know you are, too) through testing and learning. See our approach and preview upcoming experiments.

Now available

1. Something sleeker

Drop in and get started with seamless profile switching and a streamlined sidebar. Oh, and we’re introducing a faster, smoother, and sharper loading experience across mobile and desktop so you can spend less time waiting and more time creating. Read more about it here.

2. Trust the numbers

Sometimes you let your gut guide you, and sometimes you want to let the data do the talking. Those of you on the redesigned Patreon can take a look at the new Insights tab to see numbers and trends on your total patron count, new patrons, and canceled patrons so you can understand the health of your membership.

3. Pay in MXN or BRL

Creativity knows no borders. We’re continuing to make Patreon available around the world so more of your patrons can connect to you, your work, and your community. Now, patrons in Mexico and Brazil can pay in their local currencies. See all supported currencies here.

Coming soon

New convo flow

We’re touching up our mobile commenting experience. Soon you’ll be able to respond in-line to other comments without losing your place. And when the conversation really gets going, you’ll be able to collapse and expand long threads.