Ready to Go: 30-Day Moving Checklist



Moving into your new home is so close you can almost taste it! While the excitement is building, the stress might be as well when you consider all the things that you have to do before then—large and small.

moving checklist

Not only do you have to start packing, but you’ve got to secure packing materials (including wardrobe boxes and moving boxes), a moving truck, and all your important documents. That’s right. You don’t want crucial information like medical records getting lost in the shuffle. 

But just where do you begin? With APM’s 30-day moving checklist!

We’ve got you covered—and with plenty of time to spare. So circle your move date on the calendar, save up for a security deposit, and get ready to begin the moving process. Moving day will be here before you know it!

25 to 30 Days Out

  • Do your research and find moving services or a moving truck. Do you have friends or family members who can help with transportation? Even better!
  • If you plan to hire professional moving services, be sure to get everything in writing. This includes the security deposit, the details of moving day, and any moving supplies they’ll provide.
  • It’s also a good idea to get a copy of the moving company’s insurance policy so you understand what is covered if an item is damaged or lost during the move.
  • Walk around your home and tag items based on whether they’ll go with you to your new home. Sell, donate, or throw away anything that’s not coming with you.
  • Create a list of what needs to be moved by the professionals and what you will want to transport with you. This may include important documents like medical and dental records, houseplants, valuables like jewelry, and any irreplaceable sentimental items.
  • Make a plan for how you will move your pets to your new home safely and comfortably.
  • Make a “change of address” list to update with your new contact information. This should include personal contacts, as well as services and service providers like your doctor, insurance companies (car, life, etc.), creditors, and your veterinarian. Don’t forget about the U.S. Postal Service! Many of these contacts will allow you to change your new address online, making this one less time-consuming task you need to worry about.

18 to 24 Days Out

  • Purchase or order your packing supplies. Unless the movers are bringing them, you’re going to want small and large boxes, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, tape, a Sharpie, and specialty containers for your dishes.
  • Submit all the school transfer paperwork if your children are moving to a new school district.
  • Arrange for a deep clean of your current home, including the carpets and drapes.
  • Cancel your old utilities (including cable and internet) and establish accounts for your new home.
  • Transfer your homeowner’s insurance to your new home.
  • Start packing any items that you won’t need in the immediate future. 

10 to 17 Days Out

  • Go through the fridge and freezer, and be sure to eat, throw out, or give away anything you won’t be able to take with you.
  • Separate flammable liquids or other dangerous materials into marked boxes so that they can be safely moved.
  • Change your address on your driver’s license, as well as your vehicle and voter registrations.
  • Make a plan to ensure that you have enough of your prescription medicines to get you through the move, and get your doctor to write new prescriptions if you will have to change pharmacies.
  • Take pictures of your most valuable belongings in case you need to file a claim with the movers. Also take photos of the wire configuration on your electronics, to save you time later when you have to plug everything back in!
  • Ask your employer for a day off for your scheduled move date.

3 to 9 Days Out

  • Reconfirm your moving services—whether that’s a professional company, moving truck rental agency, or a friend or family member. This includes arrival and pickup times.
  • Gather and clean up your outdoor furniture and lawn ornaments.
  • Drain the water from garden hoses and the gas from lawn equipment. Clear other lawn equipment and move potted plants so the movers will have easy access.
  • Disconnect and drain all the appliances you’ll be moving.
  • Start packing your suitcases (and label each container you pack).
  • Return your cable box and modem to the companies (or arrange to take them with you to your new home if you’ll be using the same service providers).
  • Prepare some food for moving day.

2 Days Out

  • Defrost your fridge and clean it out.
  • Double-check your lists and inventory.
  • Organize your keys.
  • Have your credit card out and ready to pay the movers.

24 Hours Out (the Day Before the Big Day!)

  • Eat a solid dinner.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Pack up your cleaning supplies and any toiletries that you may need.

The Day of the Big Move

  • Disassemble all the beds.
  • Double-check all cupboards, closets, and other spaces to ensure that they’re empty. Don’t forget to look in the dishwasher!
  • Give the movers a tour of your belongings and instructions on what is being moved.
  • Tip your movers.

There you have it, your 30-day moving checklist, broken down into a few manageable chunks. 

Once you’ve moved into your new home, all you will have to do is sit back, relax…and unpack all those boxes. There are moving services for that, right?

For everything else, APM is here to help. Give us a call today to see how you can turn your dream of homeownership into a reality. 

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