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Removing dispute comments apparently seems little bit daunting but it’s quite straight forward. Do not follow the advice on standard credit repair blogs that says “Removing Dispute Comments From Credit Report will increase your credit score or dispute all your account before applying for a new loan.”

Removing dispute Comments From Credit Report Is A Good Option?

Why would a consumer want to remove the dispute comment to qualify for a mortgage? There are two reasons:

  • The Lender’s mortgage underwriting rules require dispute comments to be removed (Removing disputes for mortgage), or
  • It will increase your score.

Requirements for Removing Dispute comments from Credit Report vary with the Mortgage Program

Removing disputes for mortgage

Most mortgage loan programs allow at least some dispute comments to remain. For FHA loans, accounts with zero balances and medical accounts do not have to have dispute comments removed. And, if the total of the balances of disputed accounts is less than $1000, those disputes don’t have to be removed.

In some cases, credit report accounts that have dispute comments may not trigger as disputed when the digital version of your credit report is run through the loan program’s automated underwriting software. These accounts can be identified using hidden data in a credit report’s digital composition that encodes a detailed picture of the dispute’s origin. You can use this information to work with the lender to identify and cure disputed accounts that could sabotage the mortgage. 

There are many circumstances when changing the loan program was a much better option than removing dispute comments.

Do remarks affect Credit Score

If your credit score is close to the minimum required, either disputing accounts or removing dispute comments from credit report can create problems for qualifying any loan or mortgage.

The best practice is to remove dispute comments only when you have verified that removal is required for your mortgage and you can verify that your score will not be reduced below the minimum mortgage approval score.

There is one crucial point that you need to consider. For negative accounts, the only convenience to delete a dispute comment is when a lending institution asks for it. A negative account will probably cause a huge reduction in the credit score.

On the other hand, an account with good credit history has higher possibility of raising its credit score when the dispute remark is efficiently removed. Furthermore, I am going to show you an example of an efficient dispute letter.

Background understanding of dispute remarks

Basic information about Dispute Remarks as well as its Appearance on Credit Report

  • An investigation will certainly be conducted if you question the authenticity of an account.
  • Generally, this examination takes 30 days after being noted as “disputed”.
  • Accounts that are “in dispute” are not taken into consideration by the FICO credit scoring systems. The details account may appear on your credit record, yet it would not contribute to your credit report.
  • There are two feasible situations after the 30-day examination.

Situation 1: The account is going to be deleted from your report. Your mind will certainly be at ease since the dispute comments will certainly not show up in your credit record.

Situation 2: The examination did not result in account deletion. The lenders will certainly then ask the credit bureaus to put a “consumer disputes account” comment. This mark has a tendency to artificially boost your credit score. Nevertheless, loan providers would desire this remark eliminated so they can see the accurate credit report.

Types of dispute remarks

Type 1: “Account Disputed”:

This particular comment on an account does not contribute to the credit score. Lenders may require its elimination. The account is either upgraded or removed after the re-investigation. The status can be transformed to “account disputed”, making it not a factor of the credit score.

Type 2: “Account that was disputed now resolved”.

This comment affects the credit score. It appear when the investigation is completed. Banks, as well as prospective lenders, do not mind this detailed dispute remark.

Does Removing Dispute Comments From Credit Report take lot of time?

Things would go smoothly if you could call a person from the credit scores bureaus by phone. It will take around 4 days as long as you’re in contact with them. If you contact them via mail or fax then it may takes up-to thirty days, so you may need to consider this.

Removing Dispute Comments From Credit Report

Steps for Removing Dispute Comments From Credit Report

Collect Free copy of Your Report

Visit to get a free copy of your report and also you can access your Experian record from here. You will get A special telephone number and a report I.D. number on the record. You can use these details to connect with client service much easier. Raise your concern about getting rid of conflict remarks for a particular account in the credit report. It is very important to tell them that you no longer intend to dispute certain accounts also Inquire about how much time it will certainly require to eliminate the remarks, request them for speed up the process.

Contacting the relevant credit bureaus for dispute comments deletion

One of the most efficient ways is to always call the bureaus for eliminating dispute comments. I constantly advise my customers to do so. You may spend a long time on hold throughout the procedure, yet it frequently addresses the issue. The list below includes the number that I have directly made use of to talk with a representative from different bureaus.

EXPERIAN: 855-414-6148.

EQUIFAX: 800-846-5279.

TRANSUNION: 800-916-8800.

There are times when calling a phone number will not function because of unforeseen scenarios. In this situation, get a credit report from or a certain credit score bureau website for alternative contact numbers.

Writing to Credit Bureaus, Request for Dispute Remarks Removal

Writing to credit bureaus is an additional different service to reach them. Please find the example dispute letter below to know exactly how

Sample Credit Bureau Letter For Getting Rid Of Dispute Comments

Affix a copy of the following information:

  1. SSN card (or any record that shows the complete SSN)
  2. Current utility bill
  3. Identification issued by the state.


Full Name

Mail Address:

Day of Birth, SSN Number



Good day, Ma’am/ Sir,

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 611 (15 U.S.C. § 1681I), Please update the incorrect info visible on specific accounts in my credit scores record. Remove the “disputed comments” for the accounts listed below. I request you to a speedy transaction because I have a loan past due as a result of the incorrect data in my credit score record.

Once again, the accounts under concern had never ever been disputed, or are not being disputed at the moment.

*** Select the suitable application scenario for this one

The following remarks need to be removed.

Name of the Creditor

Acct. Number

I state this is a request to update, as well as not re-investigate. Therefore, I am anticipating a fast service, which should be less than one month.




What To Do If They Decline to Remove The Dispute Comment

 When the steps above do not work and also the credit score bureaus reject to eliminate the dispute comments. You should call the lender directly and also ask to speak with someone that belongs to the ‘credit score bureau department’. Ask for the manager if no one is available in the department.

You need to specify that you do not wish to dispute any item any longer. Highlight that you are asking for an elimination of the dispute remark from the report.

There is a different scenario for accounts that have unsettled dues like a collection or charge-off. In this instance, you want to wisely make a decision regarding calling the lender. Calling them might cause a – restart of collection activity – another issue by itself. Therefore, avoid calling the financial institution unless you understand that you are financially capable of repaying the debt. It is additionally crucial to check the law of limitations in your home state before calling them.

When To Hire a Professional

As an individual, getting dispute remarks removed may appear a little bit daunting at first, but understand that it’s a fairly straightforward process that requires only reasonable efforts at your end.

The trick is to do proper follow-up and don’t be hesitant while seeking explanations. Eliminating dispute comments is vital to improving credit scores. If you need to eliminate dispute comments, take action now. In spite of your best efforts if the scores don’t increase or if you’re seeking quicker and more effective results, then you can reach out to a professional or hire someone to help you.


How Can Deleting a Dispute Comment Improve My Score?

There is some circumstances in which removing dispute comments from credit report may increase your score. Like, removing a dispute comment from an account that has a positive history, no late payments, or no charge-offs may boost the credit score.

How Can Removing a Dispute Comment Decrease My Score?

In contrast, if remarks removed from credit report that has a derogatory marks might result in a decrease in credit score. Removing dispute comments on a charged-off account with no balance can cause major credit score down. You should more careful before removing dispute comments from this type of account. There is no loan program that requires that type of account to be UN-disputed. 

How Long Does It Take to Remove a Dispute Comment?

In generally it takes four to five days if you contact them by phone and follow up timely. But if you contact them by mail or fax then it may take up-to 30 days.