Repair Your Bad Credit With Future Fico: You Don’t Owe Your Debt



You’ve been duped and you don’t even realize it.  When you think you borrowed money, you are incorrect. When you think you have to pay back money for what you borrowed, you haven’t learned the truth.

Most people grow up believing what they are told by parents, teachers, lenders, politicians (well maybe not so much them), our government. Few grow up challenging what they are being told. Few people stop and ask why or how. Few people stop and say, “Prove it!”  

I’m one of the few who has always questioned what I was told. I was always labeled as argumentative when I really was just looking for answers. Somewhere in my gut it seemed that things I was taught and things I was told was not the whole truth.  You may have had that same feeling at times in your life. But we are conditioned to just accept what we were told as the truth.  Its not our parents’ fault. They didn’t know any better because they were  raised the same way.  You just don’t question authority and you should just respect your elders.  

Well, in my book, you should question what triggers a twinge of doubt in your gut and why respect your elders (lying government officials, lying banksters) when they are not telling you the truth and they have an agenda to keep you from knowing the truth.  Truth is power and they want to keep you from gaining any truth or power because they want it all for themselves.  Then they can control you and enslave you.

I’ve decided to post a video today. Please take the time to watch it. Its about money. Where it comes from, where debt comes from, and how its all a fraud that has been kept secret so you won’t find out the truth.

There are 5 videos in this series. I encourage you to watch all of them when you have a chance.  They will help open your eyes to the scam that has been played on all of us.  I hope that it helps you understand that getting into debt is not your fault because that’s how this system was set up – even if you maxed out credit cards, were allegedly irresponsible in your spending, and just got to a point where you had to walk away or give up trying to pay these bills for credit and loans. 

When the truth about this sinks in, you may get a bit angry, and rightly so.  I care about you and I want you to know the truth.  Please, if this video opened your eyes a bit, then share it. I would love it if you shared my blog with others. They too can watch the video right here but also, there’s a lot of information that I give that may be what they need to help handle their own credit issues.

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.  Enjoy!

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