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Repurposing Tips for Beginners


A question I’m asked often is “how do I learn to repurpose items for my home?”  Reimagining old items as new, beautiful home decor comes naturally for some, but for me it took practice! Soon I learned that shopping my “stash” is pretty fun! In this post I’ll share my earliest thrifting and repurposing projects as I was developing my decorating style.

Repurposing Tips: Develop Your Eye

  • Start with a blank space or a functional “need” in your home.  
  • Visualize a desired size and shape of an item that fits that space. 
  • When you spot an item that might work, reimagine colors (which can easily be changed using paint)
  • Ask yourself:
    • Does this thrifted item solve a functional need?
    • Is the right size & shape?
    • If yes, then I typically purchase it, paint it and get to work!

Continue practicing – as you’re out and about, train your eye to see your existing items in a new light. Being resourceful and learning how to repurpose is a skill – and once you develop that skill, you get better at doing it!  Be sure to visit my upcycling, furniture and craft galleries for more ideas!



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