Revolut launches latest celeb collaboration with YouTubers the Sidemen



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The limited edition Revolut cards are now available in the UK and Europe.

Revolut launches latest celeb collaboration with YouTubers the Sidemen

Image source: The Sidemen.


In Revolut’s latest venture into celebrity collaborations, the financial super app is partnering with British YouTubers the Sidemen.

The group of seven British men have released two unique cards with the fintech, offering  perks for “afficionados of the influencer sensations”.

Between them the YouTubers have more than 130 million followers and 34 billion views.

“Having followed the Sidemen for some time, we believe that there is a lot of resonance between the Revolut and Sidemen brands and we’re excited to see them come together for this “defy expectations” campaign,” Revolut global head of retail marketing Shirin Krall said.

#DefyExpectations is the slogan of the collaboration, and is popping up on black cabs around London.

In the past, the fintech has collaborated on limited edition cards with pop star Liam Payne and boxer Anthony Joshua.

Payne’s card was designed based on the cover of his debut album and Joshua’s raised funds for independent boxing gyms across the UK with it’s glow in the dark cards.

This time, the SDMN branded card will give customers 10 per cent cashback on all Sidemen brands, which includes their clothing, alcohol and restaurants.

Customers will also get three months of the group’s membership community (Side+) for free with the limited edition cards.

“To offer the Sidemen’s audience even more benefits, we collaborated with the Sidemen on two special edition cards that will offer cashback on Sidemen products and access to the Side+ exclusive membership community,” Krall added. 

The cards will be free for any new customers upgrading to the metal plan, b £39.99 for existing metal customers to purchase and £10.99 for those on the free standard plan.

The Sidemen’s manager Jordan Schwarzenberged described it as “a partnership of epic proportions” on LinkedIn.

“We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Revolut, enabling fans around the world to get big cashback across our brands through our new SDMN card,” the Sidemen said.

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