Revolut launches ‘learn and earn’ crypto courses



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Customers will be rewarded with DOT tokens for completing short courses about crypto.

Revolut launches ‘learn and earn’ crypto courses

Image source: Revolut.

Revolut is launching educational courses on cryptocurrency and rewarding customers with tokens on the app.

The aim is to help improve their customers’ knowledge of cryptocurrencies through short and simple courses on crypto basics and other topics, including blockchains, popular tokens and protocols.

There are two courses available, ‘Crypto Basics’ and a course based on the multichain network Polkadot, the Web3 platform behind the rewards for the courses, DOT tokens.

The courses are now available to Revolut’s customers through the app, and after taking the courses and passing a quiz they can earn up to £14 in DOT tokens.

Revolut’s general manager for crypto Emil Urmanshin said there is a “huge appetite” from customers to learn more about cryptocurrencies. 

“‘Learn & Earn‘ will help them better understand the trends, risks and potential opportunities associated with Crypto,” Urmanshin said.

“Our collaboration with Web3 Foundation on Polkadot, one of the most popular blockchain networks, will help customers become more familiar with crypto concepts.”

The first course, ‘Crypro Basics’, teaches customers about what cryptocurrencies are compared to fiat money; what a ‘decentralised system’ is; cryptography; blockchain technology; and the risks around crypto investments. 

The second course is based on the multichain network Polkadot and dives into how it unites blockchain into Web3.

Both courses use a combination of short videos and infographics with written lesson summaries to share key insights and takeaways about the topics.

Users can earn up to £4 in DOT for the basics course and up to £10 in DOT for the Polkadot course, and they must be completed in order.

Revolut plans to add more courses later this year for both experienced traders and crypto newbies.

The number of cryptocurrencies on offer through Revolut has more than doubled this year and there are now more than 80 available on the app.

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