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Scholarships Available for March Good Hustle Course | by StartSomeGood


We have five scholarships available for different changemakers in the March Good Hustle — see below for details.

Good Hustle is StartSomeGood’s flagship development program for social entrepreneurs.

It uses our ten years of learnings from helping people launch social impact projects to provide a clear roadmap, key insights and the tools and techniques you need to design a launch and growth-ready social enterprise.

Good Hustle is a step-by-step guide to getting started and testing out your idea, supported and surrounded by others on the journey, learning from experienced social entrepreneurs who have walked the walk themselves.

All our teachers are themselves founders, including:
*Alex Budak, Entreprenerd-in-Residence at UC Berkeley, on Mindsets of a Changemaker,
*Ben Pecotich, founder of Dynamic4, on Human-Centered Design,
*Natasha Akib from Digital Storytellers on telling your story using video,
*Hildy Gottlieb co-founder of Creating the Future on partnership mapping,
*Brook McCarthy founder of Hustle&Heart on using social media impactfully,
*Luke Faccini founder of The Sponge on refining your target market,
*and more!

StartSomeGood co-founder and CEO Tom Dawkins is the host.

Good Hustle a chance to get your idea out of your head and into the world where it can make a difference.

Now is not a time to play small.

If you have an idea to create a better future, we all need you to step forward with that idea; to get it out of your head and into the world where it can make a difference.

We would love to help you make that happen!

If you want to be part of the next generation of successful social enterprises join the next Good Hustle program starting March 7.

Can’t afford to make this investment in your idea? Then we have good news…

We have an unprecedented FIVE SCHOLARHIPS available this round, with four different themes/criteria.

.ORG Scholarships supported by Public Interest Registry. Two places for aspiring founders of new non-profit social enterprises who are planning to use a .ORG URL. Available globally.

A scholarship for a “pioneering woman” supported by June Canavan Foundation. Must be working in Australasia, SE Asia or the Pacific.

A scholarship for a young founder aged under 25. Available globally.

A scholarship for an Australian First Nations founder in conjunction with First Innovators.

If you’re not sure what this is all about, find out more about Good Hustle here.

Applications for scholarships must be submitted by Wednesday March 2, 3pm GMC/UTC + 11 (AEDT).

If you’re ready… APPLY HERE!



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