Small Business Ideas in India for Entrepreneurs



A monotonous, 9-5 job isn’t for everyone. For some people, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing what they want to do with their lives, and this ambition may not necessarily fit into an office cubicle.

If you have always dreamt of owning a business, now is the right time to take that plunge. 2022 brings an abundance of opportunities for new ventures. With the pandemic having stabilised, markets have opened up and the economy is continuing to grow steadily.

When it comes to start-up business ideas, there are many innovative and fresh opportunities that one can undertake. Digital payments, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, metaverse, etc. are some trends dominating the markets currently.
Here, we’ve listed some unique and potential new business ideas in India that you can consider if you are looking to venture out on your own.

Small Business Ideas in India


The best way for small businesses to survive is by using the internet to expand their target markets. Using the internet, small businesses can grow limitlessly with minimum resources. Using a smartphone, computer, high speed internet connection, and software, small businesses can expand to online businesses. Currently, many small businesses are flourishing by using social media as a marketing platform. A partnership agreement with a good courier service provider will help the business to deliver products to consumers. To apply for an MSME loan, visit the FlexiLoans site.

E-Commerce Aggregator

Also known as drop-shipping, this is a kind of business where an online portal is built to act as an aggregator between a buyer and a seller. The catch in being a drop-shipper is that the business needn’t buy a single product. The products will be directly shipped by the seller to the buyer. That way, the business need not deal with the problem of maintaining storage for products. Entrepreneurs will be required to build and maintain a website, payment portal and deal with customer service.

Website design

With the number of e-commerce businesses increasing in India, the demand for building and maintaining websites has also increased. Even businesses that do not operate online still mostly maintain a website to upkeep their brand reputation. Most such businesses employ third parties to build and maintain their sites. Thus, it is a very promising start-up business idea in India to set up website building enterprises.

Online/offline Tutorial services

Tutorials, classes, training and workshops are some other options which can be good business ideas from home in India. Such tutorials can be online or offline, in person. It can be group classes or individual classes as per the demands of the client. Such tutorial services for kids are very much in demand as parents are constantly striving to provide the best quality education to their children to keep up with the steep competition. Training and workshop classes on specific software, research areas, and techniques related to higher education are quite popular among researchers and students too.

Cloud kitchen/Home bakers

Of late, cloud kitchens and home bakers are highly flourishing small scale business ideas in India. With the popularity of food delivery agencies like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. taking over, such small home-based businesses are gaining popularity. The best thing about such businesses is that the business owners need not worry about maintaining a dine-in area or waiters.

Consultancy services

Another good start up business idea in India is consultancy firms. Simply put, a consultancy means firms that provide expert advice and specialised services in return for a fee. Usually, consultancies offer specialised range of services such as law, taxation, investment, marketing, IT based, etc. To set up consultancies, a team of experts from requisite fields will have to be assembled to provide those services.

Event management

Most people are seeking the services of an event planner to organise events such as weddings, parties, large scale events, exhibitions, etc. It is a great opportunity for small business idea seekers in India. Event managers who provide the whole range of services like venue management, decoration, catering, photographers, performing artists, make-up artists, are very much in demand. However, to go ahead with event management, one will require start-up funds. Click here to know about your business loan eligibility.

Freelance content developer

A currently trending small business idea is to become a freelance content developer. If you have talent, you can simply start being a freelance content developer with zero investment. All you require is a smartphone/laptop with a good internet connection. There are different avenues to explore in being a freelance content developer. Some areas in which freelancers make content are cooking, travelling, articles, reviews, makeup videos, audios, singing, dancing, art, etc. To earn from content, you have to allow advertisements on your site or collaborate with brands to advertise their products.

Salons/ Parlour/ Make-up

The beauty business is a serious business in India. It is currently valued as a multibillion-dollar industry. There are many ways to earn money in the beauty business. You can open a salon/ parlour at a good location, offer home services to clients, or be a make-up artist who serves people for special events. There are numerous schemes for business loans for women entrepreneurs in India.

Gym/Yoga/ Zumba

The craze for physical fitness and increasing awareness regarding health has made the gym/yoga or Zumba quite a booming business. To open such a business, a spacious, well-ventilated area along with equipment and trainers would be required. However, it must be noted that the center must be located at a convenient place to maintain a good client base. Mudra loans are an excellent choice for entrepreneurs seeking microloans for start-up capital.


With the number of working parents increasing, it has become a problem for new parents to attend to their children. In metro cities where the number of nuclear families is quite high, daycare centres and crėche for children are a boon for working parents.

These were our top new business ideas in India – all ideas that have the potential for excellent results if managed effectively. However, every business requires start-up capital to kickstart its operations. To find out how to get a business loan in India easily, browse Flexi Loan. FlexiLoans also provides information on how to get business loans without providing collateral security. If you want a business with low investments and high profits, get all your research in one place, right here.