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To diversify is an important step for your successful strategy, which is why iuvo provides you with another investment opportunity and an access to a new market with our newest originator – SN Finance from Republic of North Macedonia.

Who is SN Finance?

The business of the company is positioned on the Macedonian market since 2016, and today the originator is among the leaders in the FinTech industry on local level. The main segments in which it operates are consumer and business lending, both online and in 14 physical branches for customer service. The management of the company has extensive experience in finance, which helps the company realize profitable and upward business trends since 2017.

Their innovative spirit and strive for growth of the nonbank financial segment in Macedonia also lead to the successful implementation of their newest project in collaboration with a local bank and VISA, a unique product – a credit card. The first one in the nonbank sector in the country.
Following their innovative approach, now SN Finance becomes part of the loan originators on iuvo.

What do I get with investments in loans of SN Finance?

  • Personal guarantee in the form of co-debt by the UBO;
  • Interest – around 8,5%;
  • Personal loans in EUR;
  • Score class А;
  • Installment type – 1 month;
  • 60-day buyback on the principal;
  • Average maturity of the loans – 12 months;
  • 30% Skin in the game.

Invest in a company that is recognized as a leader on the market in North Macedonia to diversify your portfolio with iuvo. A new opportunity for you with SN Finance.