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We got something exciting for you today if you love budgeting, or this blog, or just have damn fine taste in style!

“I’m Bringing Budgets Back.” t-shirts are now available after 10 years
of being sold out!! ZOMG!!!

Originally debuting in 2012, I had completely forgotten about them until I saw an old friend rocking one on a recent podcast and immediately knew we had to bring them back in celebration of literally bringing back the blog itself 😁

budgets t-shirt sighting

[Lookin’ fly, Jericho!]

I quickly tapped Dave from Accidental FIRE known for his fine line of FIRE merch, and within days we had the original design uploaded to Amazon and ready to go, along with a couple of newer designs I just had to slip in to expand the fun 🙂

“I’m Bringing Budgets Back.”

“Mother Budgeter.”

“I Like Big Budgets And Cannot Lie.”

So 3 styles to choose from, in all different shapes and sizes and colors – all ready to please any fine appreciator of prudent financial management up in here 😉

And we’ve kept the prices as low as it can possibly go too, with only making a buck or two profit which I’ll be stashing into a Community Fund for later, so it all should relatively fit well within your *ahem* budget. Or even make for a nice gift to a fiscal friend of yours! (Or subtle nudge to them! Lol…)

Check ’em!

im bringing budgets back

i'm bringing budgets back - long sleeves

v-neck budgets back shirt

i like big budgets and cannot lie

budget v-neck shirts

mother budgeter


They come in 8+ colors: black, white, gray, pink, blue, green, more…


Big thanks again to Dave for partnering up with me on these and getting ’em out the door in lightning speed… I get pretty particular with my ideas, so he also wins the Patience Award for putting up with me throughout the process too – thanks dude 😉

If you’d like to see any other designs or sayings we’ve said over the years here, or even any good ones of your own!, pass them over and we’ll add them to the Ideas List for the next run! Ironically I just realized we don’t even have a “Budgets Are Sexy” design in here yet (oops), so that will have to go to the top of the list for sure…


We’ll make a Hall of Fame page here or something so we can show off how sexy you are 🙂 With bonus points for flashing them in public just to make sure everyone can see how important these sayings are!! Haha… Wear ’em loud and proud, baby!

Here’s the Amazon page again → Budgets Are Sexy Store

See you back soon! And thanks for all the kind words and wishes all week long! The best welcoming a blogger can get coming out of retirement 😉 I appreciate each and everyone of you so much – thank you 🙌

Yours in (fashionable) finance,

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