Teacher Appreciation Week 2022



***Updated Monday, May 9th! The results are in!***

Teaching right now is so many things: hard, amazing, rewarding, frustrating, joyful. Last week, supporters flocked to DonorsChoose to appreciate teachers — and make a tangible difference in their classrooms.  

DonorsChoose was founded by a history teacher in the Bronx in 2000. With a four-star rating on Charity Navigator (their highest) and unrivaled impact in public schools across the country, we’re the best spot to lend a hand and invest in our country’s teachers and students. So for our community, Teacher Appreciation Week is like every holiday rolled into one.

This year, 63,000 donors and 10 corporate and foundation partners celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week on DonorsChoose. Together, they gave over $8.5 million to classrooms in just 5 days. This made for the biggest Teacher Appreciation Week in DonorsChoose history. More than 64,000 teachers across the country received support, and more than 14,000 projects were fully-funded — with many more well on their way. You can bring a teacher across the finish line here.

Want to see how the week unfolded day-by-day? You’ll find the details below.

Monday, May 2nd

Happy first day of Teacher Appreciation Week! Today: 

  • LOFT dropped surprise $50 donations on 200 projects that were about to run out of time. You can help a teacher with an expiring project here.
  • Barbara Dalio and Dalio Education doubled donations to every single project in Connecticut.
  • Teachers at 87 DonorsChoose schools received a celebration lunch from Panda Cares (part of Panda Express).
  • Every DonorsChoose teacher got a personalized teacher poem of appreciation on their teacher stats page. Ask a teacher you know to share theirs your way.

Tuesday, May 3rd

On May 3, SONIC Drive-In made sure every single donation on DonorsChoose was matched at least 50%! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day indeed!

Wednesday, May 4th

  • On May 4, DonorsChoose teachers got an extra high-five. An anonymous partner dropped $5 in account credits for every single DonorsChoose teacher with a project — all 63,881 of them!
  • …And the exciting partner news continues: AT&T fully-funded projects for computers & tablets in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas.

Thursday, May 5th

Here’s to the magic of reading! On May 5, starting at 7am ET, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation doubled every donation to projects for books, while funds last. Over 58,000 books are now making their way to classrooms!

Friday, May 6th

On the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week, ended with a lot of high-fives. When donors entered the promo code FRIDAY at checkout, we donated $5 to match. Our partners jumped in with some more awesome funding too:

  • Chevron matched donations to Equity Focus Schools in the communities in which they operate.
  • Neukom Family Foundation doubled donations to social-emotional learning projects under $500 in Equity Focus Schools.