The Money Platform users hit with surprise withdrawals



The Money Platform has apologised to around 300 of its customers after a technical glitch resulted in surprise withdrawals from their accounts on 22 July.

According to a report in Your Money, the peer-to-peer consumer lending platform said payments that had already been made in February and March of this year were repeated because of a technical error at its payment service provider Mangopay.

“We are working with Mangopay to ensure an immediate refund of these payments,” a spokesperson from The Money Platform told Your Money.

“Mangopay have told us that they are making the repayments to customers’ accounts this afternoon. We are also working with Mangopay on appropriate compensation for impacted customers.

“We sincerely apologise to all customers impacted by this and are working with Mangopay around the clock to resolve the issue.”

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Mangopay said that all customers who have been affected will receive refunds by 5pm on Friday 29 July.

“Our UK banking and processing partner encountered a technical error on Friday 22 July and wrongly re-processed a number of payments made in February and March 2022 by users on The Money Platform,” a spokesperson told Peer2Peer Finance News via email. “This error is external to our technology stack and therefore was not a visible activity in our client money accounts. For those reasons, we haven’t been able to detect these transactions during the weekend.”

The spokesperson said that Mangopay apologises for the inconvenience experienced by The Money Platform and its affected customers.

“We are doing everything in our power to ensure that remediation for this issue is completed quickly and refunds are processed as soon as possible by our banking partners involved,” the spokesperson added.

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Sara Williams, who runs the Debt Camel website, picked up on the glitch in a recent blog post and noted that this is not the first time that The Money Platform has encountered a payment issue.

Back in February and March this year, it collected payment a week or so late, citing the way banks process transactions for the delay.

Williams said affected customers could be entitled to compensation and advises those affected to complain directly to The Money Platform before taking their complaints to the Financial Ombudsman if a satisfactory response has not been received.

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Peer2Peer Finance News has contacted The Money Platform for further comment.