This 50-page guide has everything you need to start a fiction podcast



Over the last few years, fiction podcasters have brought audio storytelling into the 21st century, with experimental sound design, sharp writing, and compelling plots that leave listeners wanting more.

If you want to dive into the deep end and make a scripted fiction podcast of your own, where do you even start? What mics are best for capturing dialog? What about casting? And what exactly does a sound designer do?

Luckily, the podcast collective and studio Multitude made a free in-depth guide on how to make one! In celebration of their new audio sitcom, NEXT STOP, they’ve written a nine-part guide to help you get your fiction podcast off the ground and into the ears of your audience. Even those of you with non-fiction podcasts can learn something too!

From auditions to production, editing to marketing, they’ve laid out everything they learned when producing NEXT STOP. They even included their entire budget so you know how much they spent! This is the road map for your upcoming masterpiece.