Top 10 Crypto Launchpads In 2022



Although cryptocurrency wallets (aka Web3 Wallets) are becoming more user-friendly, users who are not tech-savvy may still find them bewildering. An IDO crypto launchpad may be the appropriate choice for you if you want to simplify the process of obtaining and holding various types of cryptocurrencies.

We’ll provide you with an overview of the most commonly used  crypto launchpads for 2022 in this article. Our crypto launchpad rating, which includes a brief analysis of well-known  crypto launchpad projects, can assist you in determining the best crypto launchpad platform for you.

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What Is a Crypto Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that assists businesses and entrepreneurs in launching cryptocurrency or blockchain ventures. The launchpad provides users with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed.

The following are some of the primary advantages of using a crypto launchpad:

  1. You’ll have access to a sizable crypto and blockchain community.
  2. Token sales as a means of raising funds.
  3. Assistance from seasoned professionals.
  4. Promotional and marketing assistance.
  5. Access to a diverse set of resources and tools.

If you want to start your own cryptocurrency or blockchain project, a crypto launchpad can be a useful tool.

How Does a Crypto Launchpad Work?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that assists businesses in raising financing and gaining visibility for their ventures. Mentorship, marketing, and technical support are all available through successful crypto launchpad projects.

Binance Labs, Huobi Prime, OKEx Accelerator, and Bitfinex Pulse are the most popular crypto launchpads. Several successful projects have used these platforms to generate millions of dollars and build a significant user base.

The initiatives that crypto launchpads support are usually chosen through an application procedure. The selection criteria vary for every platform, they commonly include things like the team’s experience, the feasibility of the project, and the size of the prospective market.

After a project is chosen, the launchpad will offer a variety of services to aid the team’s success.

A crypto launchpad’s mission is to enable potential startups to thrive,  therefore enabling growth in  the crypto sector as a whole. Launchpads can play a significant role in the growth of the blockchain ecosystem by assisting potential teams and providing them with the resources they require to flourish.

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What is the Difference Between ICO and IDO?

Between ICOs and IDOs, there are a few important distinctions. To begin with, ICOs are far more established than IDOs. This is due to the fact that they have a longer track record and more experience in space. As a result, ICOs are more well-known and have greater credibility than IDOs.

Furthermore, ICOs are more highly regulated than IDOs. Securities laws and other regulations are often needed for ICOs. As a result, KYC/AML regulations for ICOs are frequently more strict than for IDOs.

Finally, ICOs are more likely to raise funds than IDOs. This is due to the fact that they usually have a larger pool of investors and a more established track record.

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1. Binance Launchpad

Binance Crypto Launchpad

Binance is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with its own token launch platform, Binance Launchpad.

Binance Launchpad is a curated token launch platform that assists blockchain startups in raising financing and increasing their visibility. To choose participants who will be eligible to invest in subsequent token sales, the platform employs a lottery approach.

To date, Binance Launchpad has helped launch some of the most successful ICOs, such as Fetch.AI, Celer Network, and BitTorrent Token.

Here are a few KPIs about Binance launchpad: 

  • Total funds raised: $93m
  • Projects launched: 64
  • All-time unique participants: 3.56m

2. OKX Launchpad

View of OKX Crypto Launchpad

Another of the top crypto launchpad projects is OKX. Formerly known as OKEx, OKX Launchpad is the company’s own token launch platform.

OKX Launchpad is a token sale platform that connects blockchain projects with a global community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. OKX Launchpad provides a simple and convenient way for projects to launch their tokens, as well as a secure and dependable platform for investors to purchase tokens.

To date, OKX Launchpad has helped launch successful ICOs such as Harmony, Perlin, and Beam.

Here are a few KPIs about OKX launchpad: 

  • Total funds raised: n.d.
  • Projects launched: 11
  • All-time unique participants: n.d.

3. Huobi Prime

View of Huoni Prime Crypto Launchpad

Huobi is a leading worldwide cryptocurrency exchange with Huobi Prime, a premier crypto launchpad.

Huobi Prime, a crypto trading platform that allows users to purchase and sell chosen digital assets at discounted pricing, was introduced in March 2019 by Huobi Global. Huobi Prime is the latest move in the company’s efforts to grow its presence in the cryptocurrency market and provide more services to its customers.

Huobi Prime has helped launch many successful ICOs, including TOP Network, EPIK.

4. KuCoin Spotlight

View of KuCoin Crypto Launchpad

KuCoin is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with its own token launch platform called KuCoin Spotlight.

Kucoin Spotlight is a unique feature on the exchange that allows customers to receive rewards for exchanging specific digital assets. Kucoin is an excellent choice for people searching for a secure and easy-to-use digital asset exchange.

KuCoin Spotlight’s ICO launches include  Victoria VR, Cryowar, Tokoin.

Here are a few KPIs about KuCoin launchpad: 

  • Total funds raised: n.d.
  • Projects launched: 29
  • All-time unique participants: n.d..

5. Launchpad

View of Crypto Launchpad

Another outstanding crypto launchpad is Launchpad.

The Launchpad allows blockchain companies to raise funds, get awareness, and build a following by selling tokens. The platform selects participants for token sales based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some ICOs that have been launched on Launchpad are Olive, WeWay, and Zipmex Token.

Here are a few KPIs about launchpad: 

  • Total funds raised: n.d.
  • Projects launched: 40
  • All-time unique participants: n.d.

6. Polkastarter

View of Polkastarter Crypto Launchpad

Polkastarter is a protocol built on top of the Polkadot network that allows projects to conduct secure and decentralized token sales. To enable cross-chain token exchanges and prevent whales from manipulating the market, the platform makes use of Polkadot’s unique capabilities.\

Here are a few KPIs about Polkastarter: 

  • Total funds raised: $49m
  • Projects launched: 109
  • All-time unique participants: 35,423

7. Ethereum Launchpad

Ethereum Crypto Launchpad

The Ethereum launchpad is a new platform that allows you to create your own cryptocurrency or token. It enables you to establish a new currency or token and sell it to the general public through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) (ICO). The Ethereum blockchain powers the launchpad, which employs smart contracts to oversee the sale of your money or token.

8. Gamefi

Gamefi Crypto Launchpad is an all-in-one discovery hub for games and metaverses. Users can launch their IGOs or participate in already existing ones. They can Stake, Earn, and join guilds. The platform also provides a long list of educational material about the different trends and the metaverse. 

Some IGOs (Intial Game Offering) that have been launched on GameFi are Epic War, League of Kingdoms, STEPN, Codyfight, Monsterra.

Here are a few KPIs about GameFi: 

  • Average ATH ROI: 61
  • Projects launched: 60+

9. DAO Maker

DAO Maker Crypto Launchpad

Dao Maker aims to reinvente venture capital. They launch strong holder offering (SHO) which is a fundraising mechanism where eligible investors are chosen based on their on-chain activities and other proprietary data sets

Some SHOs that have been launched on DAO Maker are Chainport, Hubble, 

Here are a few KPIs about DAO Maker: 

  • All-time high ROI: 1x – 209x
  • Projects launched: 120+

10. Seedify

Seedify Crypto Launchpad

Seedify is a blockchain innovation hub with a seed-stage fund powered by the DAO. It is a decentralized incubator and launchpad that is empowering the blockchain ecosystem’s forthcoming developments. This is accomplished through the governance-driven community’s use of feedback, participation, and funding systems. Any entrepreneur or entrepreneur can submit their work to Seedify for a community vote on their initial funding.

Some projects that have been launched on Seedify are Nomad Exiles, Toyoverse, Battleverse, Last Survivor etc.


It is important to keep in mind that this is solely a snapshot of some of the largest crypto launchpads for the time being. When selecting a crypto launchpad, one has to note that those crypto launchpads only support certain chains and thus a limited number of projects. It is crucial to conduct  the right due diligence prior to investing. 

Finally, all crypto launchpads mentioned above do not offer a token creation tool. Prior to applying with your projects to these crypto launchpads, one must create their token elsewhere and then submit it accordingly.

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