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Top 5 Useful Gadgets & Appliances to Buy on EMI in 2022


If you think EMI shopping is only for expensive cars and houses, you’ll be relieved to know that this is no longer the case. You can buy a variety of gadgets and home appliances on affordable EMI without using a debit or credit card. Isn’t that appealing? 

We are all spending the majority of our time at home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and technology has emerged as our only companion. It efficiently responds to all our demands, from helping us in working from home to dealing with household chores. What’s the point of working hard when you can work smart? The following are the top 5 gadgets and home appliances that you can buy on easy EMIs with the Ujjwal EMI Card: 

  1. Smartphones 

The first option that springs to mind when thinking about buying a mobile on EMI is to use a credit card. Credit cards, on the other hand, are not accessible to everyone. 

Don’t worry, you can use your Ujjwal EMI Card to buy a brand-new mobile on EMI and then convert your purchase amount into convenient instalments using the SuperCupo app. For both online and offline purchases, you have a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs. 75000! 

  1. Laptops 

Laptops have become indispensable for professional consultants, self-employed workers, and salaried employees in this era of digital technology dominance. Families with children who are at the peak of their learning potential can benefit from having a laptop since it allows them to access the tremendous amount of facts and knowledge available online. 

The latest laptops from a number of well-known manufacturers now have plenty of cutting-edge features like expandable storage, lightning-fast processing rates, and touchscreens. If you’ve been putting off replacing your old laptops with high-end new models, you can now do it with a Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card. 

  1. Air Conditioners 

Every summer, the rising temperature necessitates the use of an air conditioner. Today’s air conditioners come with a variety of smart features, such as automatic temperature management, high-performance motors, and auto sleep mode, to name a few. ACs with such advanced features ought to be expensive. 

No AC will ever be out of your budget with the Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card. You can buy the best air conditioner on EMI without breaking your budget or burning a hole in your pocket all at once. 

  1. Refrigerators 

Most Indian households regard the refrigerator as a long-term investment – an appliance that will last them several years – and are hesitant to compromise on quality. In other words, buying a high-end, branded refrigerator can cost several thousand bucks. 

Most people in the middle and lower wage brackets, on the other hand, do not have that amount of cash on hand. That is why, with Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card, you can get instant approval for funds upto Rs. 75000 to buy your dream refrigerator on EMI! 

  1. Washing Machines 

Washing machines have become a basic and crucial component of our homes when it comes to home appliances. We no longer have the time or the patience to spend a few hours washing clothes by hand once a week, thanks to our modern lifestyles and fast-paced lifestyles. 

Furthermore, washing machines have become more economical over the last few years. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a new washing machine on EMI, download the SuperCupo app today!   

How To Buy Gadgets & Home Appliances on EMI With Ujjwal EMI Card?  

  1. Download the SuperCupo App  

 Download the Home Credit SuperCupo app from the Google Play Store.  

  1. Apply For Ujjwal EMI Card  

Register on the app with your mobile number & go ahead with your Ujjwal EMI Card application.  

  1. Activate Your Credit Limit  

Submit the required KYC documents & choose your credit limit.  

  1. Select Your Favorite Product  

Choose your favorite product from the SuperCupo app and select Ujjwal EMI Card as your payment method.  

  1. Choose Your EMI Plan  

Select your preferred EMI plan as per your convenience & you’re done!  

With our Ujjwal EMI card, you can upgrade your home with the latest appliances without any worries about your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for an Ujjwal EMI card today!



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