Top Car Collateral Loan Providers That Aren’t Banks or Dealers



Non-bank lending companies are the best options for taking a loan. The process is quicker, and the requirements are less strict. Before you step into the banks or dealership to file your application and get stressed out by the complicated procedure, you better go straight to these online lending companies and finish earlier.
We know that finding the most trusted online lender can be a hassle for some, so we already listed five of the top car collateral loan providers for you to check out.

Asialink Finance Corporation

Asialink Finance Corporation becomes the foremost online lending institution in the Philippines. Since1997 and counting, Asialink Finance has built its expertise on loan products and cemented its brand inthe financial industry. The company is known for its financing and collateral loans on cars, trucks, andother vehicles.

Borrowers and applicants are guaranteed excellent services as it boasts thousands of independent Loan Consultants and seven hundred personnel who will assist you throughout the process. Also guaranteed is the wide range of products available to different clients from consumer loans, second-hand vehicle loans, mortgages, and business loans.

From a capital of three million pesos, it has grown into a leading lending company in the country. It lives with the vision to be a catalyst for economic progress by giving businesses and individuals adequate support to attain their financial goals. Moreover, the company commits to a mission of providing accessible, quick, and convenient loans to the underserved sector and market on a larger scale.

Global Dominion Financing Incorporated

Global Dominion Financing Incorporated stands as one of the well-trusted non-bank lending institutions in the Philippines. Car collateral loan is one of the financial products the company offers and it has helped many Filipinos with their needs for funds without losing their loved cars.

The secured loan has an interest rate as slow as 1.50% and it comes with requirements and processes that are rather straightforward and hassle-free. With 60 branches nationwide, borrowers can file their applications with ease. For utmost convenience, the official website of the company has a section in which anyone can be assisted with their inquiries and application 24/7. Aside from OR/CR loan, Global Dominion also offers other loan products such as auto loan, business financing, doctor’s loan, personal loan, etc.

Operating for more than decades, GDFI rises to become one of the leading financing companies in the country. Its modern and up-to-date loan facilities cater to various sectors such as professionals, entrepreneurs, OFWs, executives, and even entities. Their vision is to uphold the economy of the Philippines that goes with their mission of being one of the organizations that help Filipinos achieve financial freedom through affordable loans and services.

Quick Finance Loan is another name from the pool of lending companies that you should check. It is a private company providing lending services to communities through its various branches in different locations.

The company offers an OR/CR loan that can range from P100,000 to P3 million with a monthly interest rate of 1.5%. The loan term is between 3 to 36 months and payable through Bayad Center. The best thing is that it doesn’t require collateral or post-dated checks.
Quick Finance Loan also offers other short-term loan products such as OFW/Seafarer’s loan, doctor’s loan, real estate loan, auto loan, car/truck financing, and modified business loan. With these products, the company aims to be the prime financing company in the country with great profitability and market penetration in Southeast Asia. offers ORCR Sangla, or the car collateral loan without taking the unit itself, to Filipinos who own an automobile and possess the deed of sale. They also offer this kind of loan even if the car is still mortgaged and being paid under the bank’s program – called loan takeout program – but require at least 70% to 80% of the payment made.

The application doesn’t have to be in person and you are guaranteed fast processing and personalized services. Auto Loan PH has more than 50 branches nationwide and commits to providing loans all over the country.

OR CR Loan Philippines boast a quick transaction for your car collateral loan application. The OR/CR loan, which the company is named after, comes with the lowest interest rate and guaranteed no hidden fees. is a loan agency that gives consultation and assistance to loan applications for free. But most importantly, they offer loan products through well-versed and well-trained loan brokers of collateral loans, banks, and affiliate lending institutions. The company considers their fast and convenient service as the product, assuring the applicants to go through an easy three-step process in the whole loan application. This is made possible through their expertise built for 15 years of operations in the industry.