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Most individuals are aware of tradeline companies or have at least heard about them. You may have probably considered working with a tradeline company, but you are still unsure if it is the right thing for you. Suppose you would like to add to your credit history.

A tradeline would be an excellent choice, especially if you have no friend or family who has a perfect credit score that you can piggyback off. However, you need to find a trustworthy and professional tradeline company that you can work with then Tradeline Supply Company is certainly an option.

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What Is Tradeline Supply Company?

Tradeline Supply Company

Tradeline Supply Company is relatively new to the tradeline industry since it was started in 2017. It is worth mentioning that Tradeline Supply Company offers fair pricing compared to other seasoned companies in the industry.

This is one factor that makes it one of the best tradeline companies you can work with. You can either buy or sell tradelines on the website through an efficient and easy process. Simply put, the company is a tradeline marketplace.

Essentially, a tradeline is an account that appears on your credit report. It would help if you practiced good credit habits to have a great credit score to impact your credit history positively. Ensure that your bill payment is timely, wisely use your credit, and do not default on loans. This guarantees that you have good credit because it will reflect in your tradelines.

Suppose you want to repair your bad credit. Tradeline Supply Company can help you with that by improving the quality of your tradelines. However, you need to ensure that you are making all your debt payments, and you should also consistently pay your monthly bills on time.

A tradeline is an excellent solution for anyone who needs a great credit score within a short period. Fundamentally, authorized user tradelines from Tradeline Supply Company means that you are making a purchase to have the company add your name on someone else’s account as an authorized user but only for a given time.

Therefore, it means you are paying to piggyback on an individual’s account with a great credit score for a specific period to take advantage of their excellent credit history.

Tradeline Supply Company has a fast response time and excellent customer service. They are very efficient in their services. For instance, compared to other companies, whenever a customer poses a complaint or has an issue, they go out of their way to resolve it immediately. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be quickly attended to if you are having any trouble.

They also have a pretty straightforward online ordering system, which ensures that their prices are low. Clients who have worked with Tradeline Supply Company can confirm that the company is trustworthy. Note that the period your tradelines run for may vary, but usually, they may run for up to two months then be removed, but their positive impact will last for several years.

Is Tradeline Supply Company Safe to Use?

As mentioned earlier, the company was established in 2017, making it among the newest companies in the industry. Most individuals often find it hard to work with pretty new companies because they fear being scammed. There have been multiple reviews claiming that Tradeline supply company is not a genuine tradeline company, and they are running a scam. However, this is not true.

Tradeline Supply Company is an honest company, and it is safe for you to use the company whether you are looking to buy or sell tradelines. There are multiple buyers’ reviews to verify that the company is trustworthy. Trade supply company has a simple platform, excellent services, and affordable pricing.

Clients who have worked with Tradeline Supply Company can also attest that their credit rating significantly increased. Tradeline supply company is a legitimate company. You have to consider that your financial needs may also determine whether or not this is the right company.

Using Tradeline Supply Company is safe because it ensures your information is protected. For instance, if you are selling, the person who will buy the tradeline cannot access your financial information. They cannot access your account either, and as discussed, it is only for a particular period. Before reaching out to Tradeline Supply Company, figure out what you want and the kind of tradelines you would like to purchase.

Doing extensive research helps you make a decision you will not regret. If you seek a quick and immediate boost to your credit score, buying a tradeline from Tradeline Supply Company can help you with this. However, purchasing a tradeline will not permanently fix your credit score, especially if you are in debt and do not practice good financial habits. It would be better to work with a traditional credit repair company if you are in debt and would like to fix your finances.

How to Choose a Tradeline

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a tradeline. Listed below are a few factors to evaluate when selecting a tradeline.


It is essential to do thorough research and read reviews of the tradeline you have picked before working with them. Reviews will help you decide. Visit the website of the tradeline and read their testimonials and also search for reviews about the company. You can also ask friends and family for a recommendation since someone who has had a personal experience with a specific company will give you an honest review.


It is essential to work with a tradeline with a good reputation since it ensures that you will not regret your decision. For instance, suppose the tradeline you choose has a reputation of making late payments. Your credit score will be damaged instead of being fixed. This is why it helps to read reviews and research the company you choose to work with. It would help if you only bought a tradeline that has an excellent payment record.


Ensure that the company you choose to work with reports to the credit bureaus. Otherwise, you will have bought a tradeline for no reason. Avoid any tradelines that have a history full of troubles since this can be added to your credit report, which will make it even harder to repair your credit.


It helps to work with a tradeline that has been around for an extended period since you are sure they are professionals and trustworthy. Your credit history’s age will impact your credit score, so the older the tradeline, the better your chances are. You want to extend the period that your credit history reflects on your report when you add a tradeline to it, especially a positive one. When you choose a new tradeline, it may not have an effective impact as an older tradeline would.

Credit Utilization

You should select a tradeline that has a low credit utilization. The maximum utilization should be 30% and nothing more, and the best utilization would be 20%. Avoid a credit that has a 0% utilization because that is not useful since an open tradeline with zero activity will offer no data for the scoring models needed to be used.

Credit Limit

The best tradeline is one that has a bigger credit limit. The higher the credit limit, the more significantly impacted your credit report will be, making you more attractive to creditors.

How Tradelines Improve Credit History

Tradelines can majorly improve your credit history, especially if you are in dire need of improving it. Although, it would help if you practiced good financial habits and build your credit score instead of buying a tradeline if it is not urgent. Tradelines should not be used as a permanent solution for building your credit. Tradelines improve your credit history in various ways.

Your credit history will improve if the tradeline you buy is that of a well-managed account. Usually, credit cards are monthly reported to the bureau, meaning that the positive report will also be copied to your credit report, which increases your credit score. Please ensure that you inquire from the tradeline company and determine if they can improve your credit score because some do not promise to do so.

Some customers who have worked with Tradeline Supply Company confirm that their credit score had started improving three weeks after buying a tradeline. However, note that the quality of tradeline you buy plays a significant role in your results.

If you want to buy a car and need a loan, but your credit score is not that great, purchasing a tradeline can help improve it. This means that you are likely to qualify for that loan in no time. A tradeline can also improve your credit history and help you get excellent car insurance rates, improve your chance of getting employed, and also give you a better shot at renting an apartment.

Is Selling My Credit History Legal?

Selling your credit history is legal, as is buying a tradeline. As long as you have a great credit score, you qualify to sell your credit history and earn a passive income. While it may seem like a daunting process, it is not. On the contrary, it is a genuine way to earn passive income, and you can be sure that your financial information will be safeguarded. Any individual buying a tradeline has zero access to your delicate financial information. Besides, they have no access to your account.

There are no laws that prohibit people from selling their credit history. However, it would help if you did thorough research before selling your credit history to a random company you have heard about. That is why we recommend Tradeline Supply Company since they are trustworthy and you can be sure that your information is safe and well-protected. Selling your credit or adding someone as an authorized user to your credit card is legal.

How Does Having an Authorized User Affect My Credit?

Essentially, an authorized user is an individual who can make a purchase using another person’s credit account. When you add someone as an authorized user to your credit, you can help them build their credit history. Before getting into how having an authorized user will affect your credit, note that it has no impact on your credit score when you remove them from your account. Your account will still be reported on your credit report as usual.

When you sell your credit through Tradeline Supply Company, you consent to add a stranger as an authorized user to your account. Since the process is safe and secure, they will not receive a credit card connected to your account.

As the account owner, you are responsible for paying for any charges made to your credit card. This means that suppose you add a friend or family as an authorized user. If they use the credit card connected to your account and run up considerable debt, you will be the one responsible for paying the debt on your credit card.

Therefore, ensure that you trust whoever you add as an authorized user. If you do not trust them, do not give them the extra credit card. This is also why it is better to sell your credit through a tradeline such as Tradeline Supply Company since you are certain that your credit will not be impacted negatively.

Should I Sell My Credit Through Tradeline Supply Company?

Provided you have an excellent credit score. You can sell credit through Tradeline Supply Company because it is safe. It is a great and easy way to earn money, and the process takes about fifteen minutes. Some individuals make up to $1000 monthly from selling their credit through Tradeline Supply Company. With an excellent credit card history and a huge credit card limit, selling your credit through Tradeline Supply Company will be a lucrative hustle.

If you are worried about whether it is safe to sell your credit, you do not have to be. If you want to confirm that you have the appropriate type of tradelines, you can check this out on the Tradeline Supply Company website by filling out a form. Once you have filled the form, Tradeline Supply Company sends you an email requesting you to fill in your password and credit karma user ID.

Once you have done this Tradeline Supply Company will go through your credit cards and let you know if you are permitted to sell your credit.

Once they confirm that you can sell credit, you will be in charge. They will send you the necessary information you need to add an authorized user to your account. Ensure that you send the new card to your address once you have added the authorized user. You are guaranteed safety by selling your credit history through Tradeline Supply Company. The individual who will purchase your credit history will not know any details about you, such as your social security number, address, credit card number, and name.

Alternatives to Tradeline Supply Company

There are multiple alternatives you can select from if you are looking to boost your credit score. You can work with other tradeline companies in the industry, or you could opt for other less risky alternatives. Listed below are other alternatives you can consider if you are not keen on working with Tradeline Supply Company.

Credit Builder Loan

If you are not keen on working with Tradeline Supply Company, there are credit builder loans you can apply for. It will have a significant impact on your credit history. Applying for these loans helps you in improving and building your history of paying loans. It will also eventually improve your credit score.

Apply for a Secured Credit Card

Another alternative is applying for a secured card, which essentially works the same way a traditional credit card works. The main factor differentiating the two is a secured credit card demands you to pay upfront with a cash deposit every time you use the card. This card will best suit any person who has a low credit score or has no credit score. You must pay the card off monthly, and eventually, after a particular period elapses, the credit card issuer may upgrade it to an unsecured card.

Piggyback Off a Family Member

Piggybacking off a family member who has a great credit score is perhaps the best alternative. However, most people may not have a family member or friend with a perfect credit score. Suppose a friend or family member has a great credit score. You can ask them to add you on their account as an authorized user. Doing this will significantly enhance your credit score, and you will likely not have to pay anything. Better yet, since it is someone you know, you may have an agreement where they let you get a card that is linked to the account.

Credit Repair Service Companies

You can also choose to work with a credit repair service if you do not want to work with a tradeline company. A credit repair company and a tradeline company offer different services. Therefore, if you want to repair your credit the conventional way, work with a standard credit repair company.

There are multiple companies you can choose from, so you must be careful and make sure that you work with the right company. Although, you should note that when you work with a credit repair company, the process is much slower than working with a tradeline. If you are not in an instant need to have a great credit score, working with a credit repair service will be the best option. However, if you want to have an excellent credit score in a shorter period, buying a tradeline is the best choice.

It also helps to use your credit card responsibly and develop good credit habits so you can improve your credit. Other alternatives are other tradeline companies. Listed below are a couple of other tradeline companies in the industry that you can consider working with but note that the selection is not limited to those listed.

Superior Tradelines

Superior Tradelines company was founded in 2010, so they have been working for an extended period. They are located in Florida, and you can either sell or buy tradelines with this company. For more information, you can reach out to the company. It is also worth mentioning that their website has valuable information about tradelines and how they work.

Priority Tradelines

Priority Tradelines company was established in 2016. They are also relatively new in the tradeline industry. They are based in Texas and guarantee to improve the credit score of both clients and businesses. Their blog gives a lot of insight on tradelines that are quite helpful and detailed. They have also listed the type of services they offer on their website, and they have online consultation services.


CreditPro was founded in 2007, making it one of the tradeline companies that has been running for an extended period, meaning that they are experts and can be trusted. The company has a money-back guarantee policy if you experience any discourse with your credit card.

Suppose you would like to have detailed information about how the process works. The company offers free consultations, and its website is user-friendly. The company provides no guarantees about your credit score going up when you purchase their tradelines.

Tradeline Supply Company Reviews FAQs

How much can one make from selling tradelines through Tradeline Supply Company?

As mentioned earlier, some individuals make up to $1000 monthly from selling their credit through Tradeline Supply Company. Per every authorized user, you can make anywhere between $35 to $350. This can be a great way to earn passive income.

Are tradelines permanent?

Tradelines are not permanent. They are a temporary solution. Therefore they usually run for two months or so, and then they are removed. But the positive impact they have on your credit report will last for several years.

Is Tradeline Supply Company a legitimate company?

Yes, Tradeline Supply Company is a legitimate company running since 2017, and its multiple positive reviews confirm this.

What services does tradeline supply company offer?

Tradeline Supply Company can be categorized under finance. It is essentially a marketplace that connects individuals selling or buying credit lines, so it can be considered a company dealing with investments.

How do I sell tradelines?

Visit the Tradeline Supply Company website to get started or for full credit repair services we highly recommend Credit Saint.

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