TransUnion Credit Report Codes | Credit Firm



TransUnion ECOA Codes
A: Authorized user of shared account
C: Joint contractual liability
I: Individual account for sole use of customer
M: Account for which subject is liable but co-signer has liability if the maker defaults
P: Participant in shared account which cannot be distinguished as C or A
S: Account for which subject is co-signer and becomes liable if maker defaults
T: Relationship with account terminated
U: Undesignated
X: Deceased


TransUnion Date indicator Codes
A: Automated
C: Closed
F: Repossessed/Written off/Collection
M: Manually frozen
P: Paid out
R: Reported
V: Verified


TransUnion MOP (Current Manner of Payment) Codes
01: Pays as agreed
02: 30–59 days past the due date
03: 60–89 days past the due date
04: 90–119 days past the due date
05: 120 days or more past the due date
06: 150 days or more past the due date
07: Paying or paid under Wage Earner Plan or similar arrangement
08: Repossession
8A: Voluntary repossession
8P: Paying or paid account with MOP 08
09: Charged off to bad debt
9B: Collection account
9P: Paying or paid account with MOP 09 or 9B
UR: Unrated


TransUnion Type of account Codes
O: Open Account
R: Revolving or Option
I: Installment
M: Mortgage
C: Check credit (line of credit)


TransUnion KOB (Kind of Business Classification) Codes
A: Automotive
B: Banks and Savings and Loan Institutions
C: Clothing
D: Department, Variety and Other Retail
E: Educational Organizations and Employment Services Companies
F: Finance, Personal
G: Groceries
H: Home Furnishings
I: Insurance
J: Jewelry, Cameras and Computers
K: Contractors
L: Lumber, Building Material and Hardware
M: Medical and Related Health
N: Credit Card and Travel/Entertainment Companies
O: Oil Companies
P: Personal Services Other Than Medical
Q: Credit Unions and Finance Companies Other Than Personal Finance Companies
R: Real Estate and Public Accommodations
S: Sporting Goods
T: Farm and Garden Supplies
U: Utilities and Fuel
V: Government
W: Wholesale
X: Advertising
Y: Collection
Z: Miscellaneous


TransUnion Payment History Codes
OK: Current, paying or paid as agreed
N/R: Not Reported
X: Unknown
30: Account 30 days late
60: Account 60 days late
90: Account 90 days late
120: Account 120 days late
150: Account 150 days late
180: Account 180 days late
COL: Transferred to collection
VS: Voluntarily surrendered
RPO: Repossession
C/O: Charged off by account provider
FC: Foreclosure


TransUnion Remarks Codes
AAP: Loan assumed by another party
ACQ: Acquired from another lender
ACR: Account closed due to refinance
ACT: Account closed due to transfer
AFR: Account acquired by RTC/FDIC
AID: Account information disputed by consumer
AJP: Adjustment pending
AMD: Active military duty
AND: Affected by natural disaster
BAL: Balloon payment
BKL: Included in bankruptcy
BKW: Bankruptcy withdrawn
CAD: Dispute account/closed by consumer
CBC: Account closed by consumer
CBD: Dispute resolved/consumer disagrees/closed by consumer
CBG: Canceled by credit grantor
CBL: Chapter 7 bankruptcy
CBR: Chapter 11 bankruptcy
CBT: Chapter 12 bankruptcy
CLA: Placed for collection
CLO: Closed
CLS: Credit line suspended
CRB: Collateral released balance owing
CTR: Account closed transfer to refinance
CTS: Contact subscriber
DDR: -none-
DLU: Deed in lieu
DM: Bankruptcy dismissed
DRC: Dispute resolved/consumer disagrees
DRG: Dispute resolved reported by credit grantor
ER: Election of remedy
ETB: Early termination/balance owing
ETI: Early termination by default
ETO: Early termination/obligation settled
ETS: Early termination/status pending
FCL: Foreclosure
FPD: Account paid, foreclosure started
FPI: Foreclosure initiated
FRD: Foreclosure collateral sold
FTB: Full termination/balance owing
FTO: Full termination/obligation satisfied
FTS: Full termination/status pending
INA: Inactive account
INP: Debt being paid through insurance
INS: Paid by insurance
IRB: Involuntary repossession/balance owing
IRE: Involuntary repossession
IRO: Involuntary repossession/obligation satisfied
JUG: Judgment granted
LA: Lease assumption
LMN: Loan Modified Not GOVT (government)
LNA: Credit line is no longer available
MCC: Managed by credit counseling service
MOV: No forwarding address
NIR: Student loan not in repayment
NPA: Now paying
PAL: Purchase by another lender
PCL: Paid collection
PDD: Paid by dealer
PDE: Payment deferred
PDI: Principle deferred/initial payment only
PFC: Account paid from collateral
PLL: Prepaid lease
PLP: Profit and loss now paying
PNR: First payment never received
PPA: Paying partial payment agreement
PPD: Paid by co-maker
PPL: Paid profit and loss
PRD: Payroll deduction
PRL: Profit and loss write-off
PWG: Account payment, wage garnish
REA: Reaffirmation of debt
REP: Substitute/replacement account
RFN: Refinanced
RPD: Paid repossession
RPO: Repossession
RRE: Repossession redeemed
RVN: Returned voluntarily
RVR: Returned voluntarily/redeemed
SET: Settled for less than full balance
SGL: Government secured guaranteed
SIL: Simple interest loan
SLP: Student loan perm assign government
SPL: Single payment loan
STL: Credit card lost/stolen
TRF: Transfer
TRL: Transferred to another lender
TTR: Transferred to recovery
WEP: Chapter 13 bankruptcy