Two Advisors Give Life to Their Shared Vision for an RIA-Only Business



Jodi Amos and Newlin Archinal, managing partners of 4Rivers Wealth Management, are very much in sync. They bring different strengths to the table of their RIA-only business that balance one another and share a passion for high-touch, quality client service.

The duo also agrees on a few other points. First, a fee-only approach is the future of the industry and the right decision for their business—from the standpoint of both doing the right thing for clients and tapping into opportunities for growth. And second, choosing a firm partner with the right combination of infrastructure, support, and service can make all the
difference in how you serve your clients.

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Commonwealth’s Christin Clohosey, program manager, practice management, caught up with Amos and Archinal over Zoom to talk about their fee-only journey. Watch the video to learn what advice they’d give other advisors who are considering a similar path.

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The Road to RIA-Only:
One Firm’s Journey

Gain an insider’s view into the opportunities, challenges, and realities of going fee-only an running an RIA business from two advisors who made the leap.