Weekly rate watch: July opens with mix of rises and falls



Average rate changes half-bucked the trend of recent weeks, with the three- and 10-year fixes dropping 4 basis points apiece, to 3.93% and 3.97% respectively, shows new data from Moneyfacts.

More familiar moves took place at the two-year fix, where the average rate rose 7 basis points to 3.81% and at the five-year fix, where a 5 basis point gain saw the average rate finished the week at 3.94%.

Two-year fixes

Noteworthy rises within this fix took place at 85% LTV, where the average rate went up 8 basis points to 3.87% and at 80% LTV, where the average rate moved up 9 basis points, to 3.81%.

At 50% LTV, however, a 3 basis point drop took the average rate to 3.62%.

Three-year fixes

Here, the average rate for a 95% LTV mortgage fell 7 basis points, to 3.78%. And at 60% LTV, the average rate lost 10 basis points, going to 3.81% on Friday.

The only significant rise took place at 80% LTV, where a relatively paltry 1 basis point gain took the average rate to 3.97%,

Five-year fixes

The average price for a 95% LTV mortgage shifted up 5 basis points this week, to 4.02%. A further significant move saw the average rate at 75% LTV increase by 11 basis points, to 3.97%.

However, the biggest move took place at 50% LTV, where the average rate rose 15 basis points, to 3.60%.

10-year fixes

At 60% LTV, the average rate dropped 9 basis points, to 3.97%.

And despite the headline rate for this fix going down, the biggest change was a 20 basis point rate rise, at 50% LTV, where the price ended the week at 3.79%.

Moneyfacts finance expert Rachel Springall comments: “The rate movement this week in the mortgage market echoes the fixed rate rises seen over recent weeks, with several prominent brands increasing selected rates, including Santander by up to 0.70%, TSB by up to 0.25%, and Barclays up to 0.20%.

“Mutuals also made several rate rises this week, such as Melton Building Society increasing by up to 1.16%, but a few other brands increased rates by more than 0.25%, including Scottish Building Society, by up to 0.65%, Yorkshire Building Society by up to 0.55%, Newcastle Building Society by up to 0.46% and Skipton Building Society by up to 0.34%.

“Lenders also withdrew some deals from sale, including fixed deals from Santander, Newcastle Building Society, Leek United Building Society, Loughborough Building Society and Monmouthshire Building Society.

“New deals were also launched onto the market this week, including a 10-year fixed range from first direct, starting from 3.34%. Elsewhere, a few lenders tweaked or launched discounted variable rate deals, such as Saffron Building Society with their new deal priced 1.99%.”