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You want to try something different, innovative, and new for you? You made the decision to make your first investments in P2P? Did you know that you can get a bonus for that? Yes, you can – with iuvo!

P2P gives you the opportunity to invest in loans that are already granted by credit companies, so you can benefit from interest, and iuvo gives you the chance to get a bonus with your first investments.

Regardless if you register now or if you have registered with us a while ago, the amount you invest in loans in the first 60 days after you add funds to your balance for the first time brings you 0.75% bonus.
The minimum amount to participate is €100.

The bonus is on the invested amount in loans in the period and its maximum size can get up to €150. You receive it within 7 business days after the 60-day period ends.

The full terms of the campaign can be found HERE.
If you have any questions, please contact our team via chat, email, or phone. Please keep in mind that every registered user on iuvo has a personal account manager, who you can speak with and get answers to all your questions.

Make the next step. Invest with iuvo.