What Role Does The MSME Collateral Free Loan Play In The Future Of Indian Businesses?




The MSME sector is the backbone of the economy of the Indian nation as it plays a vital role in maximising its economic growth. It is a business loan without collateral which means applying for a loan without any security. The MSME sector has more than 6.25 crore units and became the worst-hit industry because of the COVID pandemic and the worldwide lockdown.

Despite that, it is a boon for Indian businesses to flourish. It offers several benefits over other types of loans and schemes, making it the future of Indian businesses. This article will learn about the MSME loan and how this business loan without collateral offers advantages to the Indian business. If you are looking for loan options for your new business, an MSME business loan is worth considering.

What is MSME Business Loan?

MSMEs can get collateral-free loans in India for business setups or expand the already existing ones. They get charged a minor ROI (8 to 16%) for such loans. Each bank has different policies on deciding the maximum loan amount considering their norms. However, many organisations do not set a limit on the maximum loan amount. The term to repay these loans can be up to 15 years.

The financial institutes, such as NBFCs and Banks, offer loans to MSMEs. In addition to that, the Government of India keeps launching new schemes to support MSMEs so they can grow more. The Government charges a minimal rate of interest on such loans. Several schemes that provide collateral-free loans to MSMEs include CGTMSE, Mudra loan, etc. Let us get detailed information about the business loan.

Is MSME Loan a Business Loan Without Collateral?

MSME loans are both collateral or collateral-free. Though, many financial institutes offer loans without any security. Hence these are called collateral-free loans. In collateral-free loans, the lenders do not ask to submit any security with the financial institutions or banks.

These MSME loans have numerous features as below:

  • Business loans or collateral-free loans with up to INR 1 crore.
  • Such business loans (collateral free) are short-term, and the borrowers can repay the amount within a tenure of one year (Monthly) and a maximum of up to 5 years.
  • The MSME loans are offered by the financial institutions, which include NBFCs, Public Sector Banks, Rural Banks, SFBs, and MFIs, at very reasonable ROI.
  • The amount of the loan depends upon the profile of the applicant and their credit score, repayment capability, financial stability, and creditworthiness.

Role of MSME Loans for New Business

The MSME sector is the most vital contributor to the entire economy and the social development sector of India. Although, the inadequacy of accessing the financial avenues can diminish their essence and hinder the overall growth. As per the survey conducted by ACCAI, more than 75% of MSMEs require proper access to formal business credit in India. This issue got accelerated more when the entire world faced the decline in the economic activities throughout the COVID-19 home bounds.

Consequently, the MSME business loans became essential for almost all small business owners. Such loans can assist small to medium-sized businesses to get through the hard times and carry on with their competence and productivity. Every business needs money to purchase equipment, upgrade infrastructure, and meet other expenses. MSME loans help them achieve so at lesser interest rates. In addition to that, such loans give them a helping hand financially so they can carry on with their business activities without any nuisance. Such loans with lesser interest will encourage more people to start their businesses. That makes it best for the future of Indian business. Let us know the benefits of an MSME business loan: 

  1. Get Easy Access

Accessing them easily is one of the best advantages of MSME loans. Those looking for a business loan in India can apply for an MSME loan in multiple ways, such as a traditional bank, authorised financial institute, NBFC, or Government appointed nodal agency. Another benefit is being an unsecured type of loan, which implies that businesses do not need to put any security or collateral against these loans.

  1. Fast Disbursal

These loans get disbursed rapidly by the banks of NBFC. Usually, it does not take more than a week. Several lenders hardly take a day or two for disbursal of the loan amount. For instance, The MSME loan scheme by the Government takes no more than an hour; hence the borrowers can easily get access to finances immediately within the hour. It turns out that the MSME business loan is without security, and such loans do not include a lengthy KYC procedure. Additionally, the MSME business loan eligibility and documentation are quite simple. It is why the lenders do not take much time to disburse the loan amount.

  1. Help to Deal With Seasonal Cashflow Requirements

It is not an easy task to run a small business in the economic scenario in India. Various MSMEs grapple owing to the seasonal restrictions in vogue for their services. Sometimes they carry enough cash in hand, and at times they find it quite difficult to start their day-to-day business activities. A sudden lack of cash in business can be unfavourable in some circumstances.

  1. Owners Stay in Control

The MSME loan allows the owners of small businesses to have complete control in their hands. In other methods, such as venture capitals and angel investors, they have to pay equity ownership from their venture. In the case of MSME business loans, lenders have no interference. They only care about the timely repayment of the loan amount.

  1. Affordable interest rate

In small-scale businesses, even a single paisa matters. The more money they own, the better they are at making profits by taking risks. The MSME loan interest rate is low, and affordable for small businesses. It makes them repay the loan amount without feeling much burden.

ConclusionMSME business loan plays a crucial role in the future of Indian businesses. It helps the micro to medium-sized businesses in India grow and expand by offering them money at affordable interest rates. The benefits, such as an easy repayment schedule and quick disbursal, make Indian businesses meet their needs at different stages of their growth. This article explained MSME loans and their benefits for Indian businesses to make them grow more and fast without feeling any burden. If you are also looking for an online business loan, try an MSME business loan for more benefits.


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